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When bad things happen

Sometimes bad things happen and when you're in the midst of it life can feel a bit overwhelming.The issue isn't so much finding the meaning in why that bad thing happened as sometimes there is no reason to be found. And as meaning making machines we can...
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Is NLP all mind tricks and magic?

'I need you to do some of your NLP things on me?!' It's a plea I hear fairly frequently and I may well be different other NLP coaches out there but I don't 'do' things 'to' you so much as help you better understand yourself and the world around you, with the help of...
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Creating a balanced life

I've got no interest in building a hugely successful career/business at the detriment of the rest of my life. I LOVE my work AND I love my family, my friends and having fun too , and see no reason why I can't enjoy ALL of this. So I do. I make conscious choices every...
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Do you want to break free?

I know, you keep thinking you want more out of your life and work than you've experienced so far but you're just not quite sure how to go about actually making it happen. So you stay doing what your doing, feeling more and more fed up and frustrated by the day. That's...
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The value of emotional intelligence

It's our emotional intelligence is often the difference that makes the difference. Of course you need hard tangible doing skills to practically DO the thing you want to....but to do it well and to contribute effectively to the team and world around you, that's all...
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Life is a live action event!

If you've been into personal development for a while and STILL feel you need to know more for your mojo to come back...pause. Take a step back and simply START applying everything you've learned. You'll never find your passion or purpose by standing about thinking...
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Desperately resisting systems

Are you systems averse? I know I was! I'm a free bird, one of life's wingers, a creative and set systems and processes...well they just feel restrictive and just not very me. Rules are for bending after all aren't they? 😜 I remember one of my first mentors years ago...
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When was the last time you booked time just for you?

I know it’s easy to prioritise every else’s needs first but it’s vital you refuel so you can keep giving and support others in the way you want. Actively create and book time out in your schedule just for you…and stick with it! Teach the people around you that you are...
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Being disappointed in your children

My son doesn't want to go to uni.  He doesn't love learning.  He doesn't seem to apply himself to life in the way that I would so love him to. I'm disappointed, and I've told him so. But I'm NOT disappointed in HIM, 100% of my disappointment comes from me and the...
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Lead with love

It's all REALLY freaking simple, just lead with love. There are 2 questions to pause and ask yourself before you take action (read action as an ongoing pattern of thinking as well as physical practical doing: 1. Does this action/thought show love and respect for...
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