the game of life

Play by your rules.

Have you been feeling for a while that you have a LOT more juice to squeeze from this gorgeous lemon of life?

Do you have a sneaky sense you’ve been playing small and you’d LOVE to play BIGGER but something is holding you back?

Perhaps you’re in a job you like but don’t love and you feel stuck.

Do you feel as if your generous terms and conditions are taunting you making you feel as though you’re betraying yourself choosing a good salary, pension, holidays or flexi time over that gorgeous whisper of freedom, fulfilment and fun?

Or maybe you’ve got your own business and you’ve reached a plateau.  

You set up in biz to experience the freedom, fulfilment and fun that once teased you before you took the leap to live your life YOUR way.

Yet, it’s not turned out that way and once again you’ve found yourself weighed down playing by other people’s rules and expectations.

You want to break free, feel fulfilled AND have fun

You long to to step out from the shadows and experience the full technicolour glory of life on YOUR terms.

I know you’re a kind and giving person, yet this has been a double edged sword for you, as you’ve held onto that pesky belief that living this fulfilling life on your own terms is a selfish thing.  It may sound lovely but is it the best thing for the people around you?  You can’t have it all ways. Someone has to lose out and you’d rather take it for the team. 

But here’s the thing: that is not true.

YOU shining IS the very best gift you could give to anyone!!

You’re far more important than you realise.

The people you love are watching and learning from you so how you treat yourself is how they will come to treat themselves.

Are you ok with the example you’re setting?

Would you be ok the people you love sacrificing their happiness to live a less than fulfilling life?

What if it were possible to …

Be an amazing role model

Be a loving partner, parent and friend

AND live a fulfilling life?

What if life did not have to be so serious?

What if life offers more choices than choosing what’s best for you OR what’s best for others?

It’s time to take your cape off…. and it’s time to play!

Stop playing small

Creating BIG shifts in your life doesn’t have to be hard work and it doesn’t have to be scary.

Playing BIG and having fun isn’t just a silly dream either…something only for kids and not the grown ups living in the ‘real’ world.

THIS is where
The Game of Life
comes in.


The Game of Life is an action packed program aimed to challenge your thinking and support you as you create a brand new rule book to live your optimum life, one that you lead with love and have oodles of fun while you’re at it.

Success is simply the compound effect of tiny actions yet all too often we get overwhelmed by the enormity of ALL the work we have to do to create our ideal life.

So we do nothing.

Play the Game of Life, so you can …

play overwhelm away

The Game of Life helps you overcome this by helping you reverse engineer the life and work you REALLY want and supports you create small and tangible projects that feel good and get you taking action.

These monthly Project Plays will get you back on track and regularly celebrating your progress.

re-discover you

The Game of Life is also jam packed with resources that will help you discover and shine up your invincibility factor.

This is personal development sprinkled with a healthy dose of rocket fuel.

You’ll also have access to bi weekly group calls for added support, and to get answers to any questions you may have.

we’ve got your back

The bi weekly group calls is also the perfect opportunity to connect with other group members and raise your energy.

There WILL be times when you lose your mojo or things go a bit wrong, and that’s ok because you’ve got me AND a group of people who have got your back and are rooting for you.

This isn’t a program for people who want to gloat about their successes and hide their failures.


Failing is evidence of effort.

The fact that you took action deserves applause!! The fact that you’re owning your sh*t deserves a medal…and you may very well find one singing its way to you in the post.


Who is The Game of Life for?

Action taker

Action taker

Something else

Action taker

Who is The Game of Life not for?

Not action taker

Not action taker

Not action taker

Not action taker

Ready to Play?

Building resiliency and realising potential.

Paisley, Renfrewshire,
United Kingdom 

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