the happy humans club

the club for playful people

who want to be and raise happy humans.

The Happy Humans Club is for playful people, like you, who want to shine up your life and access affordable personal development that’s fun AND gets you back on track to being the happy human and role model you want to be.

Spending too much time with the kids and you’ve lost your sense of you-ness. 

You wouldn’t call yourself unhappy….but you’re not exactly thriving either are you?

There’s definitely room for improvement and you KNOW you have so much more to give and get from life.

Maybe your focus has been on looking after your kids…or your parents.

Perhaps you feel squeezed between your family and your work and there doesn’t seem to be much of ‘you’ left

And possibly life has thrown you a few curve balls that have got you so far off track you feel lost and have no clue how to get back on any track, let alone your own one!

Have you heard this quote before?

‘You’re the sum of the 5 people you spend most time with’

by Jim Rohn

I wonder what came to mind as you read it and applied it to yourself.

Are you breaking into a cold sweat?

If your batty old mother, a few screaming children and a tired and stressed partner are the sum of the people you spend most time with then The Happy Human Club sounds like it’s the place for you!

You’re not alone and you don’t have to feel alone.




The Happy Humans Club

The Happy Humans Club is an affordable monthly membership program with a heap of resources that will help you find yourself again, to shine brightly and start leading your life with love.


Your Life Audit Playbook

If you want to improve your life, this is where to start. You’re encouraged to complete the questions in this playbook each month to track your progress and to give you juice to decide which aspects of your life could make the biggest impact when you take action on them.


the playground

This area is jam packed full of resources on each of the areas of life with insights and information to help you rock!


The Happy Humans Formula

a game changing program that takes you through the 6 steps to being happy in your life AND work


Mini Missions

Something fun every month to do yourself or with friends & family that will help you build a kick ass mindset!


Monthly Theme

Every month we’ll have a different topic and you’ll get access to a new goodie to get your teeth into: a recording, a playsheet and/or a video.


A Community Forum

To connect with other happy humans, ask questions and get support as you make good shizzle happen


All this for just £12/month

Doors open December 31st


Colette has reignited that spark in me again and I’m working towards things I at one time believed wouldn’t be possible.

I have seen massive changes in myself over just a few month & others have noticed it as well.


Leanne Lanzalea

Drama & confidence coach

The Clubhouse has helped me with confidence, mindset and belief.

Giving amazing advice and guidance. Networking with other women in business such great supporters.

It has helped me so much!

Jennifer Morrison

Director, Turnstyle13

Building resiliency and realising potential.

Paisley, Renfrewshire,
United Kingdom 

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