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stressed? overwhelmed? fed up & frustrated?

There’s sooo much juice to be squeezed out of life isn’t there?

Are you though?

Do you have a LOT of ideas from starting a new business to how you could make the world a better place? Yet you find yourself in analysis paralysis so you do nothing…then feel bad about your lack of action!

Have you been feeling a bit off track lately?

Perhaps you’re at a crossroads in your life or/and work and you’re head is beginning to hurt thinking about what is the ‘right’ decision.

Or maybe you’ve already made some amazing things happen but have noticed a grey cloud hanging over you that you’d love to blow away.

You’ve heard of a thing called life coaching and wonder what it is…. 

Could life coaching help you?

What is coaching all about?

Life coaching works with the WHOLE of you because compartmentalising aspects of yourself doesn’t work. So whether you want help to explore whether to start up a business or reignite your career, or to improve your relationships at work and at home or want to understand yourself better to be an amazing role model and make good stuff happen, then life coaching helps.

Sound good?
Hello Gorgeous!
I’m Colette and I help people, like you, discover and appreciate their inner resourcefulness, develop resilience (AKA your invincibility factor) and get back on track to playing the great game of life YOUR way.

I’m based in Paisley, Scotland and work throughout the UK and beyond delivering life, career and business coaching and training to individuals and businesses.

So if you’re at a cross roads, have lost your mojo, are fed up playing small or simply want to squeeze more juice from the great lemon of life then click on the ‘work with me’ tab at the top of the page to find out more the ways we can work together. Or keep it super simple and get in touch.

play to your strengths

Part of life coaching is exploring who YOU are and what makes you tick…as well as getting help to figure out what you want want to do with your life!  Perhaps you’ve dreamed of starting a business but you’re unsure whether you should, let alone how to go about it.

The FIRST thing I recommend is get to know yourself.  Lay a strong foundation of self awareness and you’re ahead of the game.

We’ve each been gifted an AMAZING amount of resources, yet most of us have left these gifts languishing under the Christmas tree unaware of their existence.

Do you know what your gifts are? Do you want to hit the ground running?

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What  they say …
Colette has such enthusiasm for life.

She clearly cares passionately about the people she works with and had the ability to adapt to my style to ensure that I got the most from my coaching sessions.

We laughed a lot and by the end of our time together I have a plan I believe in, can visualise and which motivates me. Colette is a star. Alastair Livingstone

AKL Financial Services

Colette is a superstar!

She helped me at a really difficult time of my life.

She’s always positive and very motivating.

I’ve benefitted loads from her work.

I hope others can too! Demi Powell

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