Bad day?

Bad Week?

Month? Year?

When you’re fed up feeling fed up and you KNOW there’s more juice to be squeezed out of this great lemon of life

#30happydays changed my life.

I know that sounds slightly dramatic but it’s true.

My life felt really tough when I came across the idea of consciously creating happy moments every day for 30 consecutive days.  I was caring for my mum who had dementia and lived with us and our 3 young kids.  While it was totally my choice to ultimately park my business and focus on my family, it was far from easy actually doing it!

It felt like like I was losing an important of myself and it felt as if I had a heavy grey cloud looming over me all the time.

I’d been in the personal development world for a while, I was a life coach after all, so I ‘knew’ that my experience of life didn’t just happen TO me, it was created BY me, yet it didn’t seem that way to me back then.

I would have argued until I was blue in the face that life was MOST definitely happening TO me.

It’s funny looking back now as I thought I ‘knew’ a lot…but knowing about resilience, wellbeing and all that juicy is very different from actually living it.

Learn – Live – Leverage. 

We need to embrace all 3 steps to make good sh*t happen in our life and work and I hadn’t realised I was stuck in the Learn stage…

Completing my first #30happydays gave me a much needed kick out of that rut!

It finally clicked that we REALLY TRULY get more of what we focus on.

And I had been focusing on everything that was tough and wrong with my life rather than all that was right and the amazing number of small but beautiful moments were ready for me to experience EVERY SINGLE DAY, when I chose to look…and create them!

Life IS what we make of it.

Focusing on the good stuff doesn’t magic away the bad….but it DOES make us a WHOLE lot more resourceful to cope with the pants stuff, have space to breathe and play with our creation skills.

But Don’t trust Me….find out for yourself

Join me in The #30HappyDays Experiment so you can play with this too and discover for yourself the difference our choice of focus makes.

Countless of people have completed their #30happydays over the years and come to the wonderful realisation that right here & right now is pretty bloody brilliant when we look through different lenses.

Don’t take my word for it, or anyone else’s for that matter.  And stop thinking ‘yeah I KNOW this’….because until you’ve walked it and know it in your heart rather than just your head, you don’t truly ‘know’ it…yet.

And you’ll know when you do, because your circumstances won’t bother you like they used to…and you may even love your life again.

So please get curious, and join us in invest the next 30 days in your wellbeing and happiness.

It’s FREE and the only thing you have to lose is your frustration.


what happens when I sign up?


  • You’ll receive 1 email every day for the next 30 days. Each email is a gentle reminder as you create a new habit of consciously creating opportunities to experience something that feels good.  It will also have a some resilience & wellbeing insights for you to mull over.
  • You’ll receive an invite to join The #30HappyDays Experiment Facebook group where you are encouraged to share your experiences and ask questions.

That’s it.

Life isn’t meant to be complicated! 

See ya on the inside!