Professional Ethics & Standards

I am associated with 2 professional bodies and uphold their professional and ethical standards.

The Association of Coaching (AC) AC Code of Ethics and Good Practice

The International Neuro Linguistic Programming Association (INLPTA)

I am fully insured with Public Liability & Professional Indemnity Insurances.These are available to see on request.

I have been fully disclosed with Disclosure Scotland PVG scheme. This is available to see on request.

The details of the ethical standards required by the bodies I am associated with are in the files above but here is a summary:


You are fully assured of a safe space to open up and be you without judgement or fear of the content of our sessions being repeated to others.  I do not disclose who my clients are or were – that is up to you to share that information on your own terms.

There are 3 possible exceptions to this.

  1. I have a supervisor to ensure my coaching is effective (all respectable coaches have a coach/supervisor) and as part of this I may discuss my coaching relationship with you however at NO POINT will your identity or anything about you that could identify you be revealed.
  2. If you disclose to me criminal activity or that you or someone else is being abused then I have a duty of care to report this to the relevant authorities.  I will do this with your awareness and discussion beforehand.
  3. Coaching of children, young and vulnerable people.   Regardless of age or stage  everyone is entitled to a safe space to reflect and vent. As a parent or carer it may be appropriate to offer a debrief of our sessions in order that you are kept informed and can offer appropriate support.  The degree of disclosure will be discussed prior to appointments and in partnership with the young/vulnerable person in order that their rights are upheld together with supporting the responsibilities of their parent/carer.



You are placing your trust in me and that is precious and important.  Our relationship is based on trust and I will fully explain my expectations of you and what I can and cannot do for you. I am not a counsellor, therapist or medical practitioner and if I feel your needs are best met by another professional I will discuss this with you.

My role is to help empower you so it is easier for you to own this responsibility and take action.  Your health, wellbeing and results in your life will always be your responsibility.