Hello my lovely!

I’m Colette Reilly and I’m so glad you’re here.

I have the honour of being a life coach, helping playful people get back on track in their life and work and start owning their choices and leading their life with love.

You might be wondering who the heck I am and why the heck you should trust me to help you get the results you want in your life and work.  

If so, read on to find out more about me and my background.

Feel free to check out my LinkedIn profile too for more information.

I support people get through tough times, develop their resilience, rediscover their mojo and get back on track to creating the results they REALLY want in their life and work.  

Did you know goats have been the companions of race horses for hundreds of years as they’re known for calming skittish horses.

These friends of highly strung racehorses were often stolen prior to races to decrease the likelihood of that horse winning the race as an anxious competitor is not a highly performing one!

And so the phrase ‘get your goat’ was borne…an act that irritates you!

Don’t you just LOVE etymology? ????

Anyhoo, my point is this…I’m a metaphorical goat. (Bear with me!)

I am pretty blooming good at helping calm down anxious and excitable people, especially ambitious parents with an entrepreneurial spark…and help them perform at their very best.

I’m a bit mischievous too because well, I’m a goat and goats like mischief!!

‘Serious’ is over rated, it’s not my style. Instead, I prefer to help people achieve tranformations while we have a laugh and I firmly believe that is part of your invincibility factor.

Too often we buy into preconceived notions of seriousness….this ‘should’ be ‘taken seriously’ while others things don’t. Yet, it’s often within this judgement of how we should feel, believe and act that ‘problems’ are born.

What matters to me is that I am curious about what matters to you. I care and help you be your very best and THAT is most definitely what I am. Adopting a spirit of playfulness and fun to my life helps me to stay curious AND resourceful which in turn helps me to show up as my very best. And I know when you sprinkle some playfulness back into your life you’ll reap the benefit too!

I care because I’ve lost my own mojo more times than I can remember.

From the inevitable challenges being a parent brings (I’m the proud mammy and guardian of 3 gorgeous souls),

To caring for my wee mum who had dementia and lived with us for 2 years before she died.

And relationship ups and downs, career changes, business building .

I get it.

I know that feeling of being lost, fed up and frustrated.

And I also know without a shadow of any doubt that it’s possible to shake off that grey cloud and get back on track to creating and experiencing the life and work you REALLY want.

Adopting a strengths approach has helped me hugely as it highlights all that working in our lives as opposed to what’s not.  As a neuroscience geek I know that focusing on the problems doesn’t serve our productivity never mind our wellbeing. (There is science that backs my playful approach!)

I love the strengths profiler Talent Dynamics which helps you discover what you are naturally good at, what drains you and how you get into a gorgeous state of flow where you get oodles done AND feel energised in the process.  Out of the 8 profiles I’m a ‘Star’.

This means my strength is in shining a light on other people. As an extrovert I can be bubbly and need people around me to energise me and lift me up…yet I also need quiet introspective time.

I am naturally able to see the big picture and the possibilities within situation…there are ALWAYS more than one way to achieve the results you want.

And I’m pretty blooming good at motivating and encouraging people too.

The self awareness and the understanding of life that comes from this system is a game changer for your career, business and family life. It makes things things soooo much simpler…and that’s what I’m ALL about!

I wonder which profile you are?

All in all, I combine my professional and personal experience to truly walk my talk.

I am also the proud owner of my own life coaching business, co director of the youth coaching social enterprise Potential in Me and collaborator supporting humans in business thrive.

So that’s a bit about me, do feel free to connect with me on social media and if you’re in any way curious about how I can help you or your organisation then pop your message below and let’s chat!


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