Did you know goats have been the companions of race horses for hundreds of years as they’re known for calming skittish horses?

These furry friends of highly strung racehorses were often stolen prior to races to decrease the likelihood of that horse winning the race as an anxious competitor is not a highly performing one!

And so the phrase ‘get your goat’ was borne…an act that irritates you! Who knew?!!

Don’t you just  LOVE etymology?


I’m YOUR goat…your success side kick who is there with you as you make great things happen in your life and work. I’m here to remind you of who you REALLY are (as opposed to all of those thoughts that swirl around your head wanting you to think you’re what they say you are). I’m here to hold your hand (literally or metaphorically) as you put on your brave pants and take the leaps of faith that scare the bejesus out of you yet you KNOW you want to take. I’m here to help you let go of what’s no longer serving you and stay focused on what is. I’m here for you to pick my brain on ‘how DO I do that?!’ And if I don’t know I check in with my network and refer you to who/where does…all helping you stay calm, feel supported and in YOUR zone of genius.

We ALL need support. And as a gorgeous giver I KNOW that your M.O is to be there for everyone else while leaving yourself in the lurch.

Stop that.  Life may not be easy but it IS simple.


Photo from petslady.com

I do what I do because I’ve lost my own mojo more times than I can remember and I KNOW how tough it is when it feels like what you want is different from everyone else around you.

From the inevitable challenges being a parent brings (I’m the proud mammy and guardian of 3 gorgeous souls)

To my wee mum who experienced poor mental health throughout my life (and most of hers) to the dementia that brought her to while living with us for 2 years before she died….and now my wee dad.

And relationship ups and downs, career changes and business building.

I get it. We’ve walked similar paths.

I know that feeling of being lost, fed up and frustrated.

And I also know without a shadow of any doubt that it’s possible to shake off that grey cloud and get back on track to creating and experiencing the life and work you REALLY want….sustainable success IS possible.

My zone of genuis is people.

I LOVE learning about how people work…inside and out, from mindset to manifesting. 

Here’s a flavour how what I’ve studied and learned about over the years….

Neuroscience & Leadership: Optimind

Diploma Hypnotherapy 

Strengths Flow Consultant: Talent Dynamics

PGDip Careers Guidance: Strathclyde University

ACTP Coaching Certificate ICA

BA Sociology (Hons): Paisley University

Language & Behaviour Profiling: Success Strategies

General geekery around…

NLP Master Practitioner INLPTA

Diversity & Inclusion, Positive Psychology, Law of attraction & all things spiritual

EQi 2.0 Emotional Intelligence Practitioner

Productivity, Creativity & Social Entrepreneurship

And a flavour of the organisations I’ve worked with

together with a host of beautiful personal clients who have ditched baggage, built healthy boundaries are are creating sustainable success in their lives, work and businesses.

What’s your zone of genuis?

Do you need a goat in your team?

Just because. It’s a goat riding a horse, how could I NOT add this?!