What is Action Learning?

Action learning is an amazing peer group coaching methodology that develops your communication & leadership skills while exploring topics that will help you create change….all while feeling really supported and heard by a group of people in the same boat.

McGill and Beaty  describe it as a “continuous process of learning and reflection, supported by colleagues, with an intention of getting things done” 


It’s being used in organisations of all sizes and sectors throughout the world as a way of creating change.


  • Learning from others – participants learn from each others’ experiences, gain insights and broaden their awareness
  • Increased self-efficacy – participants are encouraged to discover and tap into their agency, finding their own solutions rather than being told what to do
  • Real impact at work – participants focus on real work issues, take action and reflect on their experience

How does action learning work?

A group of around 6 people commit to coming together as a set for 6 meetings spaced 6 weeks apart. The meeting are 3 hours in length and provide a space for each member to share and explore an issue or subject.  The set are supported by the facilitator to listen deeply and coach their peer through succinct and open questions helping them to figure out the actions that will best help them achieve their goals.

Between the action learning sessions members act on their insights and implement their plan and report back to their peers at the next session about their progress and are supported to draw out personal learning as well as what worked well and what could have worked better.

Over the 6 sessions members will hone their communication skills by having to hang in the action learning framework while developing their leadership skills through the process of focus, action and reflection.


Most Action Learning sets are inhouse and co-ordinated by an organisation. However if you are interested in being part of one then do reach out and I’ll add you to a public course waitlist.



Action Learning Sets are a group of 4-7 people who come together to find practical ways of addressing the ‘real life’ challenges they face, and to support their own learning and development. The set are supported by a trained facilitator who guides the process.


Set members are encouraged to find their own solutions through a structured process of insightful questioning combined with a balance of support and challenge from the group.

Action learning sets can be delivered as a  one off high impact event  or as part of a rolling programme where set members learn to self facilitate and continue their own set without external support.

It can take place online through Zoom and also in person at a venue of your choice.  It’s equally suitable for both options, get in touch to explore which would be right for you and your organisation.


Who is the programme for?

This programme is for a group of peers at a similar level of responsibility and experience who want to boost their effectiveness and develop their learning and problem-solving skills.


Outcomes for you and your organisation

Throughout the action learning set you will be supported to solve challenges you face, and to assist others in their thinking. You will be guided by a senior =mc consultant to:

  • improve your problem solving, reflection and decision-making capability
  • build, refine and embed specific skills
  • increase the effectiveness of your work and enhance your leadership
  • create specific action plans to move forward real work challenges
  • learn insightful questions that support understanding, problem solving and creativity
  • improve your awareness of how attitudes and assumptions can influence thinking and decision making
  • learn from individuals’ experience of implementing new strategies and approaches
  • develop positive, mutually respectful working relationships with peers

Action Learning Sets are offered in a safe, confidential, thought-provoking, and empowering environment that involves:

  • understanding the process of learning and problem solving
  • opportunities for personal refection and creative thinking
  • identifying specific actions for real work situations

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