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The ONE thing you need to know about Corona Virus

Corona Virus is the HOT topic as we're in new territory and a reminder that our lives globally are far more interconnected than perhaps we realised.  Yet when something becomes a hot topic it also becomes a breeding ground for misinformation. Everyone and their granny...

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Songs for self isolation

It's a bonkers time in our world just now which means it's SUPER important to look after ourselves.      How do you stay in and get back into a high vibe? I know music is a big part of my life and being ok...and also having a giggle. In uncertain times find your own...

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The power of now

We spend so much of our time and energy living in the past or the future when these places exist only in our minds. The ONLY place we have power is this moment. Right now.    

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The 5 F’s of getting organised

I've been clearing out and decluttering ready for some fresh energy and a life shake up! And it’s been tough!! Yeeeeears worth of mementoes to pour over (it’s a skilled avoidance tactic 😇) But it HAS been made a LOT easier with the 5 F’s: Fix it (Do) Fling it (Ditch...

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Are your words keeping you stuck?

When we feel stuck it feels impossible to get unstuck doesn't it? What are you saying that’s keeping you stuck? Because it’s the energy of our intention that really makes the difference. I NEED to get a new job. I HAVE to sell x number of products. I SHOULD feel...

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111 Acts of Conscious Kindness

When thinking about conscious acts of kindness you might like to do ask yourself: How can I make life easier for someone? How can I make life nicer for someone? How can I make where I live nicer? How can I make the world around me...

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10 benefits of hiring a life coach

A life coach will help you get clear on what you really want, helping you let go of what you've felt until now you ‘should’ want. A life coach will shine a light on what's working, your strengths and helping you see yourself and your circumstances in a new light. A...

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We all get cloudy thinking

We all get cloudy thinking sometimes. We all get off track. And sometimes we've never stopped to think what we REALLY want or how we'll know when we've got that. The power of a pause is enormous and that's what coaching offers you. The space to reflect and get clear...

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Episode 005: Jessie – Lynn MacDonald Interview

Jessie-Lynn is a mental health and well-being consultant, educator, and facilitator. She helps her clients uncover and embrace their potential for living a life well-lived both personally and professionally. She is passionate about helping people understand the power...

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The foundations of resilience

Resilience. It’s topical just now and oh so misunderstood (in my humble opinion) I’ve been party to several discussions around how we raise people’s confidence and resilience, like this is achievable by flying in and delivering workshops and other such...

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Episode 004: Start with Who with Annie Romanos

In this podcast, I’m delighted to be going off the rails with Annie Romanos as we explore the importance of starting with WHO you truly are when creating a life and business you love. Annie helps women with service businesses and personal brands, to increase their...

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Do you struggle accepting support?

Accepting you need support isn’t a weakness, it’s a freaking strength and I would LOVE for us all to acknowledge this. Looking for, or simply accepting the support that’s available, is the next step and that takes a strong person to do this too. The thing about being...

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Episode 003: Interview with Ali Baker

I have the absolute pleasure of talking with Ali Baker in this week's podcast. Ali is a homeopath, a teacher, mother of identical twins and coach to women wanting to reconnect with themselves and love their body again, or perhaps for the first time. In the episode we...

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Stop overthinking your Customer Connection Calls

The following is based on connection calls for coaching services and you’ll see common threads throughout that you can relate to your own service & even some product based businesses. It’s all about helping your client get clear on what they want and being honest...

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Have you ever felt disappointed in your child?

My son doesn't want to go to uni.  He doesn't love learning.  He doesn't seem to apply himself to life in the way that I would so love him to. I'm disappointed, and I've told him so. But, I'm NOT disappointed in HIM, far from it, 100% of my disappointment comes from...

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Intro Episode: 001

Introducing my new podcast: Off the Rails where I'll be exploring different aspects of life, work and business with you view to helping you experience the life you REALLY want.

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3 videos that will change your life

Think of what an idiot would do....then don't do that thing 😉 Whatever is holding you back. Stop it! 😉 You being alive and here reading this is a miracle in itself....YOU are amazing by default so stop taking life so seriously and play. There. Life is so much...

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Lead with love in your conversations about mental health

Have you read this BBC article about a major study finding that anti depressants work? The conversations that have come off the back of this article has been divisive. Opinions around mental health and depression can be emotive. Depression impacts real...

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Do you want more abundance in your life?

Millen Liven is the Financial Empowerment Coach who helps powerful women create wealth....and I KNOW you would love to have the wealth and abundance to ease the creation of your life and work. Millen used to work on Wall Street and has crashed and burned like so many...

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Do you trust yourself?

Trust. It's a biggie isn't it?  How well you trust others...but also how well you trust yourself. I trust myself now, but I didn’t trust myself for a very long time. I’m one of life’s givers so would do ANYTHING to help people out. I’m also a lover of peace and...

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