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You’re starting a business, and you want it to Thrive?

You’re in the right place! 


Did you know 80% of start up businesses close within their first 18 months?

Something’s wrong there, don’t you think?

I want you to know how you can be part of the gang who build a sustainable and thriving business!

Many people start a business yet don’t know their own strengths so they start using a business model and systems that don’t support them. It’s sooo easy to look at other people in your field and think if you do what they do, then YOU will get the same results. especially when they are teasing you with tales that following THEIR blueprint will give you


hey don’t know their gifts and talents, and they don’t know the areas they need to build upon to break through that 2 year barrier.

When you know who you are, and what you’re brilliant at you’ll find things get a LOT easier. 

Pinkie Promise!

I LOVE the strengths profiler WEALTH & TALENT DYNAMICS because it helps you do just this and as a business start-up, a fresh entrepreneur with ideas that will make the world a better place, you will love this.

Your 18 page personalised strengths profile report will shine a light on your talents, what drains you AND gives you clear insights as to how you can play YOUR game in a way that gets YOU into ‘flow’ and achieving greater business results with ease.

There’s a whole lotta juice to be squeezed from your Wealth & Talents Dynamics report!

your gifts = your talent

Imagine talent being an invisible thread that exists within you, your team and your company. Like electricity, it’s your talent is a flowing force that when connected, it can directed to create AMAZING results.

Each one of us has a unique talent or gifts that when put to use allow us to shine brightly. We need to be connected to our own talent though!

Do you want to stop playing small and shine like you were born to?

Here’s a quick formula that will help:

 Talent  = Value x Leverage 


What do I mean by value? Value is how valuable your talent is to those around you, in essence how you are helping people through using your gifts.  People are attracted to things they consider valuable – whether it’s a product, a person or a business.  Value and Trust are inseperable. If you want to find out how your personal or business brand is valued, find out what your friends, family or customers trust in your brand. If you want to find out how your leadership is valued, find out what your teams trusts in your leadership. Trust is built by consistent delivery of an expectation. Do you know what you are trusted to deliver consistently?  Your Wealth & Talent Dynamics report will highlight the value you bring and the areas you aer most likely to be trusted.

“Your value is like a smile – it’s worth more when given away.”


Now onto Leverage. Leverage is simply about optimising the impact of your talent.  Leverage helps you grow,  yet growth in itself can be unsustainable. Have you ever felt overwhelmed?  Like you’ve spread yourself too thinly across too many projects? Crash and burn anyone?  Chances are it’s because you stretched a limited resource too far.  Sustainable growth happens when both enhancing value and expanding value – in preserving AND propagating life. This is a more accurate definition of the growth meant in Wealth & Talent Dynamics.

Value in itself does not ensure a healthy life or business….I’ve been there, giving LOTS of value and seeing an unbalanced reward so I appreciate this AND how simple it is to resolve. This is also how this profiling system helps enhance WEALTH, WELLBEING as well as TALENT.


I’ve mentioned flow a few times now but what is it?  Flow is the bomb!! Flow is being in that gorgeous goldilock spot of being engaged in an activity that’s not too challenging and not too easy. Flow brings a feeling of ease, when time either slows down or speeds up because YOU are in THE ZONE.  Sound good?  This is what you’ll experience more of when you open your gifts and learn how to play with them. And yes, you can tell, I’m advocating you discover your Wealth & Talent Dynamics profile.  


Out of the 8 profiles, I’m a ‘Star’.

This means my strength is in shining a light on other people.  As an extrovert I can be bubbly and need people around me to energise me and lift me up…yet I also need quiet introspective time.  I am naturally able to see the big picture and the possibilities within situation…there are ALWAYS more than one way to achieve the results you want.  And I’m pretty blooming good at motivating and encouraging people too.

But not all ‘stars’ are the same…that’s the beauty of the Talent Dynamic system that’s based in the ancient Chinese i-Ching.  While everyone has a dominant ‘type’, each of us has a juicy collection of preferred frequencies that combine to give us our unique guide to getting into flow.

It’s been a game changer for me…literally. I used to beat myself up for not getting the results other people seemed to get with ease.  It turns out I was following the strategies of people who didn’t share the same strengths as me so of COURSE I would struggle to get good results if playing THEIR game with THEIR rules.

When I started to understand the rules of my own game things turned around. Now I KNOW how to stay in my own lane, how I show up as my very best, how to filter the advice I listen to, how to stay energised and which areas of my life and work to ask for help in.

Understanding who you are helps you lay a really strong foundation from which you can build anything you want and THAT is invaluable.

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