The power of now

We spend so much of our time and energy living in the past or the future when these places exist only in our minds.

The ONLY place we have power is this moment.

Right now.



10 benefits of hiring a life coach

A life coach will help you get clear on what you really want, helping you let go of what you’ve felt until now you ‘should’ want.

A life coach will shine a light on what’s working, your strengths and helping you see yourself and your circumstances in a new light.

A life coach will help you identify your hiccup areas, help you to anticipate them and discover strategies to overcome them so you rock your results!

Your life coach will support you to take action where you have previously procrastinated. 

A life coach will hold the space for you so you tap into and trust your their inner wisdom.

Through working with a life coach you’ll reconnect with your mojo and feel more connected with yourself and others.

A life coach can help you let go of thinking that doesn’t support you so you finally believe you are good enough.

Life coaching gives you your power back so you no longer believe you live in the effect of other peoples actions and start creating the life and work you actually want.

Working with a life coach will help you have more successful conversations with your family, friends, colleagues, prospective employers & clients.

Life coaching offers you the gift of loving your life and work again

Pretty cool, right?

If you’re curious to experience the benefits of coaching then reach out to some coaches who you resonate with and have a chat.  If that’s me, get in touch and book a call.


We all get cloudy thinking

We all get cloudy thinking

We all get cloudy thinking sometimes.

We all get off track.

And sometimes we’ve never stopped to think what we REALLY want or how we’ll know when we’ve got that.

The power of a pause is enormous and that’s what coaching offers you. The space to reflect and get clear again, and start making good shift happen in your life & work.

The power of having a supportive partner is priceless too…someone who has your back, believes in you and is there simply to help you blow that grey cloud away and show up and shine.

The foundations of resilience

The foundations of resilience


It’s topical just now and oh so misunderstood (in my humble opinion)

I’ve been party to several discussions around how we raise people’s confidence and resilience, like this is achievable by flying in and delivering workshops and other such ‘interventions’.

Yet the irony is no one can GIVE someone else confidence nor resilience…however much we may want to. We can only be the guiding light as someone explores and discovers it for themselves.

It’s an energy and awareness thing.

First of all we need to understand what resilience is, because without that common understanding we’ve no way of measuring if it is or is not improving.

Resilience is inextricably linked with confidence and both are context dependent.

Resilience = ‘the capacity to recover quickly from difficulties’

Confidence = ‘the feeling when or belief that one can have faith in or rely on someone or something’

So is resilience simply having confidence in ourselves that things will be ok?

Because I’ve worked with a lot of people who keep going & going throughout difficult times and may appear resilient, yet they are quietly crumbling.

So how do we know that someone has genuinely recovered or bounced back from an adversity?

Consider the different aspects in your life. Which do you feel confident and resilient in and which feel a bit wobbly? None of us are 100% amazing in every area of our lives….yet aspects of our lives overlap.

You may think what’s happening in your personal life is irrelevant to your professional. It’s not, YOU are the common factor.

Resilience is too important to fall into the trap of ticking boxes and hiring in coaches and facilitators to deliver one off workshops on the subject.

Yes these are great, and it’s a start but it’s not enough.

You cannot TEACH resilience, you must understand yourself, accept yourself and be ok with not being ok.

In other words it’s something you become.

It’s a coming home to the true nature of you…a well being.

And that involves being surrounded by the energy of acceptance, openness and curiosity.

It’s riding the storms with someone at your side not to stop you from falling but to be with you as you figure out how to get back up.

Have you created a culture personally & professionally where failing is encouraged? That trying is better than not? Where time to reflect and learn is expected?

Because THAT is the foundation of resilience ❤️


What do you when Loving Kindness Meditation isn’t your bag

What do you when Loving Kindness Meditation isn’t your bag

Loving Kindness meditations are one of my favourite guided meditations BUT it’s not for everyone. There are many roads to Rome and while meditations have there place it’s counterproductive (combined with a healthy does of silly) to think that is only ONE way of achieving inner peace and acceptance.  Channel Goldilocks and explore until the penny drops and you’ve found something that works for you.


In the last decade the fascinating research field of positive emotion has exploded with studies showing that people who experience warmer, more upbeat emotions tend to live longer and healthier lives. In her book Love 2.0, Fredrickson (2013) argues that the highest positive emotion is love. The presence or absence of love influences everything we feel, do, think and become.


The “three loving connections” is an exercise that aims to cultivate the emotion of love by seeking out three meaningful interactions each day and reflecting on them each night. Preliminary findings suggest that actually recording these experiences triggers positive physiological effects in the body. In a pilot study, Kok (2012) suggested that taking one minute each day to record how ‘close’ and ‘in tune’ you feel when interacting with others can produce improved heart function and a boost in day-to-day positive emotions. Moreover, seeking positive micro moments may boost positive psychological well-being, which has been found to be positively correlated to health and to survival in both healthy and diseased populations (Chida & Steptoe, 2008; Howell, Kern, & Lyubomirsky, 2007).


The goal of this exercise is to increase the experience of love by seeking out three meaningful interactions each day and to reflect on them each night.

As with everything, try it and trust yourself. Trying something new is a dance with steps tempting you back to the familiar embrace of your comfort zone and others enticing you forwards towards new land. All dances take practice and some you’ll love while others will never be your thing.  Give it a good shot before making that call.

Step 1: Connect
Each day, look for three opportunities to interact and connect with others, for instance a relative, friend, colleague, or complete stranger. Each interaction can be with the same person or with three different people.

  • Approach this potential interaction with warmth, respect and good will
  • Make an effort to stay present and listen with an open heart
  • Offer your eye contact and (when appropriate) your touch
  • Share your own light-hearted thoughts and feelings

Step 2: Reflection 

Each night call to mind your three interactions. Rate each of the following statements on a scale of 1 (not true at all) to 7 (very true):

  • During these interactions, I felt “in tune” with the person/s around me.
  • During these interactions, I felt close to the person/s around me.

A low rating on both questions suggests that you did not really connect to the other person during the interaction. If so, you may reflect on the following questions:

  • Why did I feel not so connected to the other person?
  • What can I possibly do next time to enhance my connection with the other person?


Give it a shot and let me know what you think.

Any questions or observations drop your comments below and I’ll get back to you.

3 videos that will change your life

3 videos that will change your life

Think of what an idiot would do….then don’t do that thing 😉

Whatever is holding you back. Stop it! 😉

You being alive and here reading this is a miracle in itself….YOU are amazing by default so stop taking life so seriously and play.

There. Life is so much simpler than we make it isn’t it? 🙂

PS. If you felt a slight pang of disappointment that these videos weren’t on the surface deep and transformational then it’s likely that you’ve attached yourself to an idea of what that life changing something is….and will keep looking until you find it.  My invitation to you would be to let that go, YOU have all the answers and power you need right now to change your life.  Stop seeking and start being. And having a giggle puts you in a resourceful state to access your inner awesome!

PPS. What are your favourite videos that have shifted your thinking? Tell me in the comments below, I’d love to know xx