What’s your vision for your life and work?

What’s your vision for your life and work?

Are you clear about what you want to experience in your life and work?

That’s all a vision is, simply a focused intention of what we want…and it makes life soooo much simpler!

When we we know what we want and what’s important to us, we can use that as our guiding light.

Have a decision to make?

All you now need to do is check in with whether it is in line with your values and whether it support you to create the experiences you want. It’s never the ‘things’ in life that we REALLY want but what they get for us. Of course ‘things’ are nice….that job you want, the house or car but when push comes to shove things outside of you have limited influence on how you FEEL.

And when we let ourselves be guided by our feelings, it’s a win:win. We enjoy the journey AND when we’re enjoying ourselves we have so much more access to the amazing bank of resources within us which means we get better results.

So, my invitation to you is…if you’ve not already, spend some time getting clear on what your vision is for your life and work.

What is REALLY important to you?

What are the tangible things that you want?

What will they get for you?

How do you want to feel?

It’s time well spent! xx

Do you want to break free?

I know, you keep thinking you want more out of your life and work than you’ve experienced so far but you’re just not quite sure how to go about actually making it happen. So you stay doing what your doing, feeling more and more fed up and frustrated by the day.

That’s ok though…so put away that stick you’ve been beating yourself up with (yeah I seen you)!

You’re far from alone and while you might not believe it right now, you’ve got absolutely everything you need to take that next step and really truly start creating the life and work you want.

Sure you keep saying you don’t know what you want…but we both know you’re kidding yourself on so let’s stop playing that game. You’re just scared that admitting what you REALLY want means changing a lotta stuff (like no longer settling for the less than best version of yourself) and you’re not sure if you’re READY for that yet.

I get it, because I’ve been there…that gorgeously familiar comfort zone that sucks the life blood from you. You’re desperate to break free but terrified at the same time as it’s all you know.

If that’s you, really hear this – everything WILL be ok.
I’m not saying it’s going to be smooth and I’m not saying it’s going to be easy, you’re exploring uncharted territory after all, but YOU WILL BE OK.

Pinkie promise.

So my invitation to you is this, create the space and time to listen and trust yourself.

Truly admit to and own your dreams and aspirations to create the life and work you REALLY want. And then do something about it.

With love xx



When everyone else’s life looks better than yours

When everyone else’s life looks better than yours

How often have you compared your life to other people?

And perhaps more importantly how often do you end up feeling that YOUR life isn’t as good as THEIR life?

That ‘the grass is greener on the other side’ feeling.  It’s happened to all of us at some stage hasn’t it?

Whether you are working full time and envying the people who work part time or run their own business.

Are you running a business right now?  You may well sometimes envy the simplicity and security of people who have a job…and the paid holidays where someone looks after your workload, or at least makes sure thing don’t hit the fan!

Or if you work part time you may feel less worthy than your full time colleagues.  And if you are a stay at home parent you may feel uncomfortable around the working parents because your day is less frantic ergo it’s of less value.

But here’s the thing – own your life choice.  YOU have decided to do the thing you are doing for a reason so remind yourself of that.  And if you have fallen into it….now is a great time to get conscious again and figure out what makes you continue to do it…because you don’t have to.

There are ALWAYS alternatives.  Envy is a blooming useful emotion because it shines light on the things we want.

Use it then let it go…because envy also has an amazing gift of zapping your resourcefulness and leaving you feeling drained and antsy!  What is it about that guy doing what he does that appeals?  What is it about HIS choice that makes you feel that YOUR choice is somehow inadequate?  It may be that there is juice there to tweak your own life to enhance your own satisfaction.  If, on reflection, your life choice does work for you. Own it, embrace it and make the most of it. Because life moves on, new stages comes, new opportunities come but you will NEVER have right now again.

Love the life you have first.