10 benefits of hiring a life coach

A life coach will help you get clear on what you really want, helping you let go of what you’ve felt until now you ‘should’ want.

A life coach will shine a light on what’s working, your strengths and helping you see yourself and your circumstances in a new light.

A life coach will help you identify your hiccup areas, help you to anticipate them and discover strategies to overcome them so you rock your results!

Your life coach will support you to take action where you have previously procrastinated. 

A life coach will hold the space for you so you tap into and trust your their inner wisdom.

Through working with a life coach you’ll reconnect with your mojo and feel more connected with yourself and others.

A life coach can help you let go of thinking that doesn’t support you so you finally believe you are good enough.

Life coaching gives you your power back so you no longer believe you live in the effect of other peoples actions and start creating the life and work you actually want.

Working with a life coach will help you have more successful conversations with your family, friends, colleagues, prospective employers & clients.

Life coaching offers you the gift of loving your life and work again

Pretty cool, right?

If you’re curious to experience the benefits of coaching then reach out to some coaches who you resonate with and have a chat.  If that’s me, get in touch and book a call.


Do you want more abundance in your life?

Do you want more abundance in your life?

Millen Liven is the Financial Empowerment Coach who helps powerful women create wealth….and I KNOW you would love to have the wealth and abundance to ease the creation of your life and work.

Millen used to work on Wall Street and has crashed and burned like so many of us have, but she picked herself up and made the commitment to leverage all that she had learned and make good things happen. She is now a financially free woman living between Florida and France.

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