The value of emotional intelligence

The value of emotional intelligence

It’s our emotional intelligence is often the difference that makes the difference.

Of course you need hard tangible doing skills to practically DO the thing you want to….but to do it well and to contribute effectively to the team and world around you, that’s all about softer skills…the HOW you do things.

Whether you’re the leader of your own business, an organisation, department or whatever it is you ‘do’, the know, like, trust factor matters. While it’s more commonly known in business, it’s vital for every aspect of your life and work.

You need to know, like and trust YOURSELF first and foremost (EQ Self Perception)

Other people need to KNOW who you are…so you need to be ok other people being aware of you because if they don’t know that you even exist, how can they consider you for opportunities? (EQ: Self Expression, Interpersonal Relationships, Decision Making)

Are you LIKEABLE…by the people that matter to you? Likeability isn’t about being all rainbows and unicorns…it’s about being aware that people gravitate to people who are like them. Are you attracting the people you want? (EQ: Self Perception, Self Expression, Interpersonal Relationships, Stress Management)

Are you TRUSTED? This involves all of the categories on this EQ wheel as when you are showing up as the natural (and as such best) version of you, it’s easy for you to do what you say you will. More than that, you’ll have a consistency of character that will help people know what to expect from you without you even saying!

And that combined with them knowing who who are, what you do AND liking you is a powerful mix.

Which is one of the MANY reasons emotional
intelligence has been shown to be the juice to our success.

And the great thing is it’s pretty easy to develop!!

I wonder which aspect of your EQ would make the biggest difference to you if you were to develop it?


Life is a live action event!

If you’ve been into personal development for a while and STILL feel you need to know more for your mojo to come back…pause.

Take a step back and simply START applying everything you’ve learned.

You’ll never find your passion or purpose by standing about thinking about it.

Life is a live action event….it’s time to get stuck in! Xx

When was the last time you booked time just for you?

When was the last time you booked time just for you?

I know it’s easy to prioritise every else’s needs first but it’s vital you refuel so you can keep giving and support others in the way you want. Actively create and book time out in your schedule just for you…and stick with it!

You want the people you love to take care of themselves, don’t you?  Well they are looking to you and being influenced by your example…so if you’re running ragged, they are learning that that is an acceptable and normal thing to do.

Stop it! It’s not serving anyone.

[clickToTweet tweet=”Teach the people around you that YOU are precious because, through valuing yourself you’re teaching them how to value themselves too.” quote=”Teach the people around you that YOU are precious because, through valuing yourself you’re teaching them how to value themselves too.” theme=”style2″]

If you’re wobbling check in with the 2 questions to lead your life with love.

Does this resonate? Let me know in the comments xx


Lead with love

Lead with love

It’s all REALLY freaking simple, just lead with love.

There are 2 questions to pause and ask yourself before you take action (read action as an ongoing pattern of thinking as well as physical practical doing:

1. Does this action/thought show love and respect for myself?

2. Does this action/thought show love and respect for other people?

If it doesn’t support both then tweak what you’re doing until it does.

Whatever the size of the action and potential consequence the principal is the same…leading with love preserves and protects our wellbeing and humanity.

You in?





Escaping overwhelm

Escaping overwhelm

It’s easy to over analyse and get caught up in the emotion of this which can end in overwhelm and analysis paralysis. An amazing recipe to NOT get stuff done!

Next time this happens, take a deep breath, change what you’re doing with your body (stand up, sit down, stretch, go for a walk) and remind yourself you are not your thoughts….as you refresh your energy you’ll find the quality of your thoughts improve.

Notice the thoughts that come into your radar, hear them and let them float on past.

Fresh start!


When everyone else’s life looks better than yours

When everyone else’s life looks better than yours

How often have you compared your life to other people?

And perhaps more importantly how often do you end up feeling that YOUR life isn’t as good as THEIR life?

That ‘the grass is greener on the other side’ feeling.  It’s happened to all of us at some stage hasn’t it?

Whether you are working full time and envying the people who work part time or run their own business.

Are you running a business right now?  You may well sometimes envy the simplicity and security of people who have a job…and the paid holidays where someone looks after your workload, or at least makes sure thing don’t hit the fan!

Or if you work part time you may feel less worthy than your full time colleagues.  And if you are a stay at home parent you may feel uncomfortable around the working parents because your day is less frantic ergo it’s of less value.

But here’s the thing – own your life choice.  YOU have decided to do the thing you are doing for a reason so remind yourself of that.  And if you have fallen into it….now is a great time to get conscious again and figure out what makes you continue to do it…because you don’t have to.

There are ALWAYS alternatives.  Envy is a blooming useful emotion because it shines light on the things we want.

Use it then let it go…because envy also has an amazing gift of zapping your resourcefulness and leaving you feeling drained and antsy!  What is it about that guy doing what he does that appeals?  What is it about HIS choice that makes you feel that YOUR choice is somehow inadequate?  It may be that there is juice there to tweak your own life to enhance your own satisfaction.  If, on reflection, your life choice does work for you. Own it, embrace it and make the most of it. Because life moves on, new stages comes, new opportunities come but you will NEVER have right now again.

Love the life you have first.