3 videos that will change your life

3 videos that will change your life

Think of what an idiot would do….then don’t do that thing 😉

Whatever is holding you back. Stop it! 😉

You being alive and here reading this is a miracle in itself….YOU are amazing by default so stop taking life so seriously and play.

There. Life is so much simpler than we make it isn’t it? 🙂

PS. If you felt a slight pang of disappointment that these videos weren’t on the surface deep and transformational then it’s likely that you’ve attached yourself to an idea of what that life changing something is….and will keep looking until you find it.  My invitation to you would be to let that go, YOU have all the answers and power you need right now to change your life.  Stop seeking and start being. And having a giggle puts you in a resourceful state to access your inner awesome!

PPS. What are your favourite videos that have shifted your thinking? Tell me in the comments below, I’d love to know xx

A ponder on shoes, phones and looking up

A ponder on shoes, phones and looking up

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Be the human you want your child to be

"You do not have to make your children into wonderful people. You just have to remind them that they ARE wonderful people. If you do this consistently from the day they are born they will believe this easily." William Martin It’s easy to lose touch with the fact that...

Songs for self isolation

Songs for self isolation

It's a bonkers time in our world just now which means it's SUPER important to look after ourselves.      How do you stay in and get back into a high vibe? I know music is a big part of my life and being ok...and also having a giggle. In uncertain times find your own...

The power of now

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The 5 F’s of getting organised

I've been clearing out and decluttering ready for some fresh energy and a life shake up! And it’s been tough!! Yeeeeears worth of mementoes to pour over (it’s a skilled avoidance tactic 😇) But it HAS been made a LOT easier with the 5 F’s: Fix it (Do) Fling it (Ditch...