I’ve got no interest in building a hugely successful career/business at the detriment of the rest of my life.

I LOVE my work AND I love my family, my friends and having fun too , and see no reason why I can’t enjoy ALL of this. So I do.

I make conscious choices every day to create the balance in my life and work that works for me and the people I love.

I’m fortunate that running a business means I get to call the shots although that doesn’t mean it’s easy….for example without careful planning and executing on those plans I could easily end up with little income down the line!

I say that because there are pros and cons to ALL of our life choices….whether you’re in business, have a job or are caring for your loved ones, it’s important not to get distracted by other people’s circumstances.

And we’ve ALL had the grass is greener and it’s easier for them moments!

‘They have more time.’

‘They have more money.’

‘They have a better job.’

‘They have a better boss.’

‘They have children.’

‘They don’t have children’.

‘They don’t have MY children.’

‘They have more support.’

‘They have a partner.’

‘They don’t have MY partner.’

‘They don’t have the health difficulties I do.’

‘They have more confidence.’

And on the comparisons go to convince yourself it’s easier for ‘them’ than it is you to experience a balanced and fulfilling life.

But THEY ARE NOT YOU so stop giving your power away!!

No matter how you are spending your time right now, YOU are the centre of YOUR life & YOU are the driving force behind your experience. We ALL have priorities to juggle to experience the life and work we REALLY want.

It’s about feeling in the driving seat of your life, that it’s YOUR choice to be doing what you’re doing and you’re not constantly dropping balls as a result and then beating yourself up at your crap juggling skills!

It’s about becoming aware of what you want and figuring out how you can make that happen.

Because you can!