Are you systems averse?

I know I was!

I’m a free bird, one of life’s wingers, a creative and set systems and processes…well they just feel restrictive and just not very me.

Rules are for bending after all aren’t they? ????

I remember one of my first mentors years ago telling me I need to learn the rules and understand the reason for them before breaking them.

I thought he was a stick in the mud. But it turned out he was right.

Systems and processes are often in place because they simplify things and just bloody work!

It’s all very well being creative but if you’re reinventing the wheel at every turn your progress WILL be slow AND expensive.

Of course it’s important to figure out the systems that work for the kind of person you are and the business you run but if you want to get results with less stress you DO need them.

My name is Colette and I like a system. There, I’ve said it out loud!!

And the reason I’m now a convert is because I believe in an easy life, I like to get results and I like my creative juices to be applied to more interesting pursuits!

If you are a systems-phobe (or in recovery) and want to get organised and simplify then do get in touch with the epically awesome Cat Paterson to see how she can help you individually or look at joining our VIP Lounge.

You’re worth it! Xx

Are you an ideas gal who’s always preferred flying by the seat of your hotpants? Tell me in the comments how you get on?  Does winging it work for you? Or have you got a niggle that perhaps systemising some things may be useful?

PS. And it’s not at all painful! #pinkiepromise