Trust. It’s a biggie isn’t it?  How well you trust others…but also how well you trust yourself.

I trust myself now, but I didn’t trust myself for a very long time.

I’m one of life’s givers so would do ANYTHING to help people out.

I’m also a lover of peace and harmony so would do ANYTHING to keep things calm.

Which may seem ok in principle but it didn’t ultimately serve me OR the people around me.

Of course, in the short term having someone to help you is nice….but in the long term we need to be able to help ourselves don’t we?

I used to believe people could be fixed….not realising that no one was broken in the first place.

I disempowered a whole lotta people by wearing my cape and believing I could ‘fix’ things rather than help them help themselves.

I used to believe being calm was the best way to be…not realising that even the seemingly ‘negative’ emotions of anger, sadness or frustration are felt for a reason and repressing them doesn’t help anyone.

All this looking out and rescuing the world took its toll as I stopped checking in with myself and what was right for me.

Which meant I could tell you what other people wanted…but not what I did.

I could recognise other people’s emotions…but not recognise my own, let alone listen to what they were telling me.

I swung from passive (helping others to a silly degree) to aggressive (being pissed off at the people who hadn’t asked to be helped) and rarely was truly assertive.

Being assertive, after all, involves trusting yourself, knowing what you want and being able to stand your ground doesn’t it?

I didn’t realise any of this was an issue until I started creating space to get to know myself, learn about my emotions and how they serve me. And slowly but surely I tapped into me again….and listened….and trusted….and spoke my truth of what I wanted and needed!

So simple, yet so many of us aren’t trusting of ourselves and all it takes is space to listen to ourself. Treat yourself as you wood other people.

And here’s my thing, you KNOW what you want, even if you’re not able to consciously admit to it yet….it’s there bubbling underneath, ready for you to listen and TRUST ❤️

What’s been your experience of trusting yourself?

Does it come easily to you or are you been a work in progress?