I see you.

With your BIG ideas, hopes & dreams for making your own life better and the people you love….while making a positive difference in the world.

You’re other people’s rock….and while that’s tough, it’s also rewarding & you love helping other people.

And juggling everyone else’s needs with your own is exhausting and so you’ve grown used to taking 2 steps forward then 3 steps back.



What if discovering your invincibility factor changed your own world for the better….but improved everyone else’s too?

Happimind Create is here for you to connect with other people who want to make a positive difference in the world and rewrite your story to one of sustainable success, collaboration and happiness.

Sound familiar?

You KNOW you need better boundaries.

You KNOW you ‘should’ stop burning the candle at both ends.

You KNOW you need to accept help!

But something’s been stopping you…until now

Because you also KNOW that the universe has your back (and your curious to tap into this more)

Do you know there's 3 types of support?

We all have blindspots, biases and knowledge gaps that appear as we grow

Do you have all the information you need to create the results you want?


We all share the same needs to feel seen, safe, soothed and secure & want to navigate our lives in a way that feels good. 

Do you have people who get you & are supporting to challenge your thinking & grow?


Sometimes life is just easier when someone can just  DO that thing for or with us. It’s tough doing it all yourself!

Do you have the support to put your ideas into action?


what life will be like when you have the support you need, when you need it…

Creating a life you love doesn’t happen overnight.

Deepening your appreciation of yourself and the world around you takes time.

You WILL have highs & lows.

Which is why Happimind Create is a lifetime access so you invest once and relax knowing we’re here for you for.




I’ll be supporting you create playful projects that will help you grow & nurture  different aspects of your life.

I’m here to support you expand & trust yourself and create happiness habits and together THESE are the keys to sustainable success through happiness. 



The easiest way to get what you want is to ask, so I encourage you to reach out and do just that. I’m your supportive partner.

My private clients get access to ‘sanity calls’….you’ve got the online equivalent.  Send me a private message or post in the group & I’m there, recording a personal answer or/& post a resource that meets your need.

Getting stuck is inevitable.

Staying stuck is a choice.




Access weekly group coaching calls on Zoom to support you gain clarity, create & complete your projects.

This is a great opportunity to learn from others too.

20 minutes laser coaching slots can be booked in advance.

Calls are typically on Mondays at 8pm UK time.





Happimind Create is ALL about connection because teamwork makes the dream work!

You’ve got me and other gorgeous humans in the group to support you get and stay in a high vibe, learn lots from & of course have fun.

Connect with your teamies and pop into the virtual TEA/M room to have a sanity call, a co working session or just take a break and talk to another human.

Holler for help and it’s there.




You’re busy. You WANT to take action, but it’s hard to actually DO it as when left to your own devices, other things take priority.

Playful productivity sessions are weekly Zoom calls where we connect and you DO the thing you need to get done. It’s so much easier when you’ve got someone who’s rooting for you & holding you accountable!




The Academy is a growing bank of resources & courses that support various aspects of creating a life you love.  Updated each month with meditations and practical how to’s tailored to your specific projects & needs.

The easiest way to get what you want is to ask!

Who is Colette?

It’s me!! 

I’m your Success through Happiness coach.

Working with overwhelmed & frustrated people, I help gorgeous givers of the world to press pause and redefine what success means to them and start consciously creating a life they love.

An accredited coach specialising in emotional intelligence, neuroscience and leadership. Also a NLP Master Practitioner, Time Line therapist, Hypnotherapist, Language and Behaviour profiler, Talent Dynamics strengths profile flow consultant, qualified careers adviser and action learning facilitator, it’s fair to say I’m a learning geek! It also means I bring width and depth of understanding & experience to support you.

With nearly 20 years experience supporting people discover & create successful careers and businesses while navigating my own curveballs and challenges I am now  ALL about supporting people (you!) be the change they want to see in the world.  

I’m a mammy of 3 gorgeous humans and I know you’ve got a lot of people in your life you love too…it’s time to turn on & up our lights to make our world a better place.

Do you want to join me?


Colette has reignited that spark in me again and I’m working towards things I at one time believed wouldn’t be possible. I have seen massive changes in myself over just a few month & others have noticed it as well. Everyone comments on how happy and positive I am all the time. I am no stranger to things such as psychology, CBT & hypnotherapy as I was diagnosed with PTSD after a serious a car accident years ago. In all those years nothing has gotten through to me, helped as much or as quickly, made so much sense to me, or left me feeling as in control or empowered as Colette’s course.  I love her down to earth approach and straight talking. The support of others in the group has also been amazing. That comes from the atmosphere that Colette creates. We tackle some serious biggies but always find a giggle and end with smiles all around. I cannot recommend this freaking awesome superstar enough!


Colette is a superstar! She helped me at a really difficult time of my life. She’s always very positive & motivating. I’ve benefited loads from her work, so I hope others can too!  


Colette was invaluable because she helped me develop strategies to be more assertive and positive when faced with challenges. I was able to address the challenges I faced then and have continued to reflect on and apply what I learned from her in my everyday employment challenges. I believe that Colette is a very astute individual who helps others not only when she is working directly with them, but also manages to continue providing subtle indirect assistance through simple things such as an e-mail to include someone in something that she thinks might benefit them. Although these gestures are small they still carry considerable weight in helping others realise that their day to day lives matter. Colette helped me address challenges I had, had for almost 20 years in less than six months.


Featured in...

Colette was really inspiring. She was down to earth, approachable and shared her own experience to show how the strategies have improved her own life. I feel I have more overall control and choice in all areas of my life & I have the tools to challenge limiting beliefs such as ‘I can’t cope’ and ‘life is too hard’. 


Colette has such enthusiasm for life. She clearly cares passionately about the people she works with and had the ability to adapt to my style to ensure that I got the most from my coaching sessions. We laughed a lot and by the end of our time together I have a plan I believe in, can visualise and which motivates me. Thanks again for all your help over the last few months. I was right to call you as I knew your approach was right for me and would help me get unstuck.


It made me stop, listen and try to understand what other people are going through and why they feel the way they do. I approach obstacles differently now. Again I stop, think and analyse problems more positively.