Happimind is a new program & community for people who dream of a living a life less complicated.             

People who want to stress less, play more and make a positive impact in the world.

Live a life less complicated

What is Happimind?

Happimind is an interactive, online course and community that blends personal development with productivity because knowledge is only potential power….you need to use it to make good things happen.

Pause – Prepare – Play


I get it, you’ll feel alone and overwhelmed sometimes and it’s in these moments you it’s great to know someone has your back.  Someone who is rooting for your success and will help you drop out of that thought storm and support you to see & tap into your inner awesomeness. 

The easiest way to get what you want is to ask, so I encourage you to reach out and do just that. I’m your supportive partner.

My private clients get access to ‘sanity calls’….you’ve got the online equivalent.  Send me message on Voxer or post in the group & I’ll record a personal answer or/& post a resource that meets your need.

Getting stuck is inevitable.

Staying stuck is a choice.


It’s easy to get lost when you don’t know where you’re going nor where you’re coming from!

Your Life Audit is a core resource that will help you see what’s working and what’s not in your life and work.  This will help you sloooow down, get to know yourself and track your progress…because you’re going to make lots!!

What do you want to focus on and improve in your life & work each month?  Turn that into a project where you can PLAY!



Happimind is ALL about connection because teamwork makes the dream work!

You’ve got me and other Happiminders in the group to learn lots from AND have fun.

There’s a members only facebook group & group calls every month to help you make good things happen.




You’re not alone.  Connect with your teamies and pop into the virtual TEA/M room to have a sanity call, a co working session or just take a break and talk to another human.

Holler for help and it’s there.



Monthly activities to play around with to learn something juicy about yourself or the world around you AND having some fun.

Play by yourself or complete with your friends and family…your life, your membership, your rules!

There are 3 key reasons why so many of us don’t make the changes we know we want and need to:


We feel overwhelmed by the sheer idea of ALL the things that NEED to be done so and when they all seem like a priority it’s a natural response to freeze and just not do anything.



We don’t have the right support of people who have our back and GET what we’re trying to achieve.  The people we love often get uncomfortable when they see us changes and it’s tough to keep your motivation high when you’re alone



We are so focused on what we DON’T want, we’re not sure what we actually DO want…never mind how to make that happen!

And of course there are a WHOLE lot more reasons….

From fear of success, yup that’s soooo much more common that we give credit for….getting the result you want WILL impact on other aspects of your life and, well ‘I’m not sure I’m ready for that yet’!

To fear of failure….it’s a lot less painful to not even try, right?

So this developing yourself and making changes in your life malarkey begins to feel a WHOLE lot like HARD work.

‘I’ll just leave it thanks’

…..and so nothing changes.

And you keep feeling fed up & frustrated.

And that niggle doesn’t go away that you could be experiencing a whole lot more.

Bad joke alert:

How do you eat an elephant?


One bite at a time!


Here’s the thing…so many people believe they need a full life revamp in order to get their sparkle back but the truth is, changing the things outside of you before YOU are feeling good can be counterproductive. 

BIG and beautiful changes can come from small actions….& having fun with them as we make good sh*t happen.