He’s back!!

Tonight’s Mocktail Monday is a Passionfruit Mojito 🍹

Dad’s verdict: it’s pleasant

A gazillion hand pressed passion fruits
A couple of squeezed limes
A sprinkle of brown sugar
A glug of grape fruit juice
A sprig of lemon balm (cos I thought I had mint but didn’t)

Dads got carers now coming in 4 times a day to help (obviously it’s to help me as he is more than capable…that’s the story and we’re sticking with it!) and she arrived just before cocktail time, so has been introduced to Monday nights routine too. She says she’s coming back 😂

Team work makes the dream work guys and THANKYOU soooooo much for all your love, I’ve felt it in my core. I was really nervous about him coming home so here’s to the unfolding…I’m hopeful his last chapter is going to be a belter ✨❤️

PS,. For anyone curious about his dinner it was spinach tortellini with cheese sauce, on a hot plate and he said it was delicious. I, Colette Reilly, am an absolute winner tonight! 😂🤩