‘I need you to do some of your NLP things on me?!’

It’s a plea I hear fairly frequently and I may well be different other NLP coaches out there but I don’t ‘do’ things ‘to’ you so much as help you better understand yourself and the world around you, with the help of the understanding NLP has given me.

And yes, there are tools within NLP that can help that change and understanding come more quickly but please don’t think of it as being a set of mind tricks that someone can ‘do’ to you.

YOU do the work (I’m there facilitating but YOU’RE the one whose mind is getting a run for it’s money!)

YOU get to understand how powerful YOUR mind is because when whatever shift you’re after happens you’ll notice that nothing has really changed other than your perspective.

NLP is a life hack….because all we really need to live a life less complicated is to understand our experience of life comes from the inside out. When we REALLY get that, life gets a WHOLE lot easier xxx