PS All types of coaching boil down into life coaching because you’re at the centre of it all.



I believe in supporting people to create brilliant lives. I’m not interested in helping you build an amazing business or career if your personal life is left it tatters.  I want YOU to get results in ALL aspects of your life…and sustain them.

And I get it, it can feel a bit weird and vulnerable reaching out and asking for help…let alone being fully honest to a new person, potentially sharing things few people are aware of. So I’d like to assure you now of your confidentiality, no one need know we’re working together…it’s your business and your information to share if, when and with whom you like.

The power of creating space to really listen to yourself and be supported as you make shifts and take action is invaluable. And it all starts with a conversation so please simply reach out and let’s talk.

To give you a better idea as to how life coaching works with me, here’s some more information.

I wholeheartedly believe in living a life less complicated which is why I have these simple 5 steps that I take my customers through.

Whether you’re starting a business, recovering from burn out or at a crossroads…’s important to have strong foundations for life from which to build from.

If you’re ready to unleash your brilliance and want to experience being coached by me, book your complimentary Imagineering call below

And if you’re not sure yet and want to find out more about what the craic is…keep reading!


Here’s the recipe for unleashing your brilliance


Have you any idea how brilliant YOU are?

Sure, we’ve all got things we want to improve but it’s super important to understand what makes you, well, you.  Every one of us has a positive core and when we trust in it AND leverage it, great things happen.

Do you know what’s in yours?

Resilience, results and wellbeing also come from appreciating the world around us…how we fit into it and the nature of communication. How we communicate with ourselves and others makes a MAHOOSIVE difference to our experience of the world. Appreciating this has a HUGE positive ripple effect. Want to feel invincible? It starts here!


What the mind can conceive, it can also achieve.

A great human Napoleon Hill said that in his book Think & Grow Rich in the years before psychology & personal development became popular. This basically means if you think it, it CAN happen.

There’s a part in our brain called the Reticular Activating system that filters your experience of the world for the things you believe to be true and are focusing on in that moment.  What you believe to be true is DIRECTLY impacting your experience….and most people hold many beliefs at a subconscious level that don’t support them.

Set yourself up for success and become aware of what you REALLY believe to be true (it’s often surpising)….and make sure you’re only holding onto stuff that’s helpful.


What is it you REALLY want to experience in your life and work?  How do you want to feel?  What tangible things do you want to have?

So many people coast through life never giving much thought to this yet feel like life is happening TO them rather than BY them.  And many others are crystal clear on what they DON’T want yet struggle with what they DO want. And as we get more of what we’re focusing on…when you’re only clear on what you don’t want, is it any wonder you’re fed up?

This is your opportunity to get back in the drivers seat and start consciously creating the life and work you REALLY want to have.


Now you know what you want, it’s time for action! is the reason you’re not getting the results you want because of your lack of action?  Are you pretty blooming skilled at keeping busy doing the wrong things?  Do you find yourself so overwhelmed by options and possibilities that nothing get’s done?

This is the bit where you reverse engineer what needs to happen for the life and work you REALLY want to come into being.

And remember, it’s ALWAYS simpler than it first feels. I’m not saying the actions you need and want to take will be easy but they ARE simple.  #pinkiepromise



When we understand the power of understanding and paying attention to our energy and emotions, things get a whole lot simpler. It’s all very well making changes but I want your results to be sustainable. I’m not into quick fixes that don’t last.  I want you to work with me and leave with a deep understanding of yourself, have made some amazing things happen and know how you can keep that smile on your face!


Here’s how it works when you hire me as your coach.

1. You book an imagineering call which is a complimentary coaching call to explore what you want to create.

2. We connect on Zoom or phone and spend around 60 – 90 minutes delving into what’s really going on tto find the difference that will make the difference to you.

3. We’ll create an action plan to help you make some quick wins 

4. If I think we’re a good fit and I can help you achieve what you want, I’ll share the services I think will be of most value to you.

5. You ask all the questions you need so you are sure you’re making the right investment for you

6. If you decide to go ahead we book in mutually suitable times for your coaching sessions

7. You start rocking the ass off your life!

Sound good?  Book your call

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