The compound effect of teeny tiny moments.

Yet we capture pictures in our minds and judge ourselves and each other by a snapshot.

This glorious moment was captured a year ago and so much happened to lead to it (and so much has happened since)

This pic is also made from a gazillion pixels (I counted 😉) that make it seem like a clear image.

It got me thinking that these pixels are like the teeny tiny moments that brought my dad, me and you to this moment. They encompass the frustrating, sad, joyful, calm, intense and everything in between moments…that we’ve each experienced

Because that’s life, right?

There’s ALWAYS so much more going on that brings each of us to right here and now.

And that’s what makes life bloody beautiful and also why curiosity is oh so very important.

What’s brought you to here?

What’s the story of the people around you?

What are the pixels of your life?

It’ll likely be a mix up of good, bad, ugly and a downright amazing testament to resilience and humanity.

And the thing that blows my mind is while we can’t change what’s happened, we CAN change how we organise our pixels…and the pictures we create with them.