What if Mother Nature was doing whatever she could for us to listen and learn and be ok with life?

Think of adolescence and our kids becoming royal pains in the arses (aka playing with becoming independent) and how this eases us and them into the transition from cute kid to leaving home. We’re a LOT more ready for them to fly their wings after the teenage years, right? Nature doing her do 🥳

Think of getting old and nearing the end of our life…over a period of time we naturally eat less as we move less so don’t need as much energy from food. We slowly get less involved with family and life…easing us and our loved ones into the next stage of life…our passing. Nature again ❤️

And then we’ve got horrible things in our world we want to cure and change…but we want to change them by resisting them instead of getting curious and listening to what they’ve got to tell us…what Mother Nature is whispering to us and easing us into.

Nature gifts us little signs to pace us into the next stage and cycle…and I can’t help but wonder what life would be like if we leaned into that a little bit more.

Because as humans we’re pretty bloody brilliant, right?

But we’re NOTHING in comparison to the intelligence of life.

Life might not be easy but it IS simple 🌟