And the difference the makes the difference is healthy boundaries

Are YOUR boundaries helping or hindering you?

Life coaching with me creates the space and gives you the support to change your story. 

To discover your success recipe & invincibility factor.

To join the dots between ALL the aspects of your life that matter, ditch what no longer serves you and creates habits that lift you up.

It may be you want help deciding whether to start up a business that both makes a social impact AND helps you support your family more flexibly or to reignite your career. Or perhaps you’re just exhausted juggling octopus and know there’s more to life than this. This is when life coaching is worth exploring.

Team work makes the dream work, and I’ve got your back.

Let’s be honest, it may feel weird, this idea of using a life coach. Scotland (and too many other places) has a culture of tall poppy syndrome…a real fear of getting ‘too big for our boots’ and a fierce independence where asking for support is seen as a weakness.  If you’re fed up of this story, be part of changing it! Working with me as your life coach & success side kick is going to help you join the dots of your life, let go of old baggage and create a new story where YOU are the author. And you might get better at baking actual cakes too*

*only if you want to, or maybe you’ll just have a blast laughing your ass off at your efforts as you begin to leverage your actual zones of genuis

Curious to find out how life coaching will help you?

Curious to find out more about life coaching?

Colette has such enthusiasm for life.

She clearly cares passionately about the people she works with and had the ability to adapt to my style to ensure that I got the most from my coaching sessions.

We laughed a lot and by the end of our time together I have a plan I believe in, can visualise and which motivates me. Colette is a star.

Alastair Livingstone

AKL Financial Services

Colette is a superstar!

She helped me at a really difficult time of my life.

She’s always positive and very motivating.

I’ve benefitted loads from her work.

I hope others can too!

Demi Powell

Young, old, rich & poor…gorgeous givers are EVERYWHERE.

Givers are life’s helpers, people who support other people and want to be part of making a positive difference in the world. 

They believe with the right support & mindset they can leap frog over barriers and shake up the status quo

Gorgeous givers aren’t a demographic, they’re people united by one simple and powerful thing. Love.

Are your words keeping you stuck?

Are your words keeping you stuck?

When we feel stuck it feels impossible to get unstuck doesn't it? What are you saying that’s keeping you stuck? Because it’s the energy of our intention that really makes the difference. I NEED to get a new job. I HAVE to sell x number of products. I SHOULD feel...

111 Acts of Conscious Kindness

When thinking about conscious acts of kindness you might like to do ask yourself: How can I make life easier for someone? How can I make life nicer for someone? How can I make where I live nicer? How can I make the world around me...

We all get cloudy thinking

We all get cloudy thinking

We all get cloudy thinking sometimes. We all get off track. And sometimes we've never stopped to think what we REALLY want or how we'll know when we've got that. The power of a pause is enormous and that's what coaching offers you. The space to reflect and get clear...

Episode 005: Jessie – Lynn MacDonald Interview

Episode 005: Jessie – Lynn MacDonald Interview

Jessie-Lynn is a mental health and well-being consultant, educator, and facilitator. She helps her clients uncover and embrace their potential for living a life well-lived both personally and professionally. She is passionate about helping people understand the power...

It’s time to make happiness a non negotiable

Stress Less, Play More,

Your Life Coach, Glasgow, Renfrewshire.

Life Coaching

Based in Paisley in Aspiring to be Sunny Scotland.

Working internationally in person and on line, because the world's our oyster, right?

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