some of the People I've had the pleasure of working with

Colette has such enthusiasm for life. She clearly cares passionately about the people she works with and had the ability to adapt to my style to ensure that I got the most from my coaching sessions. We laughed a lot and by the end of our time together I have a plan I believe in, can visualise and which motivates me. Colette is a star.

Alastair Livingstone

AKL Financial services

Colette is a superstar! She helped me at a really difficult time of my life. She’s always positive and very motivating. I’ve benefitted loads from her work, so I hope others can too!

Demi Powell

The time I spent with Colette was invaluable because she helped me develop strategies to be more assertive and positive when faced with challenges. With Colette’s help and guidance I was able to address the challenges I faced then and have continued to reflect on and apply what I learned from her in my everyday employment challenges. I believe that Colette is a very astute individual who helps others not only when she is working directly with them, but also manages to continue providing subtle indirect assistance through simple things such as an e-mail to include someone in something that she thinks might benefit them. Although these gestures are small they still carry considerable weight in helping others realise that their day to day lives matter. Colette helped me address challenges I had, had for almost 20 years in less than six months.

Derek Johnstone

To quote a very wise woman I know, Colette is “freaking awesome” and she will make you feel “freaking awesome” too. I live abroad but have been able to take part in an online course with her. Personal development was something I was keen to work on and when I saw a friend post a link about the online group she was joining I messaged her to ask about it. She told me Colette was amazing and I’d absolutely love her so I signed up for the first month just to see what it was all about. She wasn’t wrong. Instantly I was hooked. Our weekly calls quickly became the highlight of my week. I am always buzzing after them and feel like I can take on the world. If I’m honest I had kind of lost myself a while back and got stuck in that day to day rut. Colette has reignited that spark in me again and I’m working towards things I at one time believed wouldn’t be possible. I have seen massive changes in myself over just a few month & others have noticed it as well. Everyone comments on how happy and positive I am all the time. I am no stranger to things such as psychology, CBT & hypnotherapy as I was diagnosed with PTSD after a serious a car accident years ago. In all those years nothing has gotten through to me, helped as much or as quickly, made so much sense to me, or left me feeling as in control or empowered as Colette’s course. For the first time ever I feel I am getting to the bottom of everything myself, not that someone is looking for or expecting a certain answer. I love her down to earth approach and straight talking. The support of others in the group has also been amazing. That comes from the atmosphere that Colette creates. We tackle some serious biggies but always find a giggle and end with smiles all around. I cannot recommend this freaking awesome superstar enough! Thank you Colette for everything.

Leanne Lanzalea

Drama & confidence coach

I met Colette during a fitness class we both attended. My first memory of her is her fabulous laugh and the stretch and tone positions we were both in as we introduced ourselves – Colette was twisted and bent while someone sat on her back and I was the one sitting on someone else’s back as we opened up the lines of communications. I knew instantly that there was a reason for me meeting her that day and I knew I wanted to be this girls friend!! She had a very endearing personality and I loved her authenticity. I knew little of what it was she did for a living (or loving, if you please. She adores her work). Over time she would share little snippets with me and I liked what I heard. She made life feel so simple. I was, at the stage in my life where I felt I needed extra guidance. I was already involved heavily with personal development which was great but I wanted a little bit of tweaking. Something was stopping me from taking my own dreams for my business forward. I invested in Colette. The months of working with Colette that followed were invaluable. I came away feeling fulfilled and energised whenever we took a coaching call together. I felt empowered and in complete control. I felt calm and contented. I felt I understood myself, my husband and the relationships I held with other people far better. All of those improved. My business connections improved on the basis of this and I learned life skills I will carry with me. I cannot recommend her services enough. I have since spoken to other life coaches and although they were professional, none had the passion for helping others that Colette displayed. None were authentic in the same way. When she smiles her face lights up the room and you cannot help but feel energised by her.
Kelly Rix

Burlex & fitness instructor, Belles of Burlex

Fierce + Fab Women

The Clubhouse has helped me get my shit done by making plans, helped me increase my visibility on my own terms, helped me sign new clients that I LOVE working with and fit my ideal client avatar, finally I’ve made connections with people I wouldn’t have met otherwise and I’m cheering them on with their businesses from the sidelines and supporting them when I can.

Kelli Stirrett

Online Business Manager, 3kVA

I have only been in the Clubhouse for a short time and already I notice a huge difference in my mindset. I’m happier, calmer and have more clarity in the direction I want my business to go.
Carrie Barr

Director, Bricks4Kidz Glasgow

The Clubhouse has helped me with confidence, mindset and belief. Giving amazing advice and guidance. Networking with other women in business such great supporters. It has helped me so much!
Jennifer Morrison

Director, Turnstyle13