Have you been adulting so long you’ve lost your mojo?


You want to get your sh*t together AND shine!

But you feel frustrated and a bit overwhelmed

…you’re not quite sure which idea to start with

…so all those juicy ideas and aspirations stay in your head and that sense of disappointment in yourself grows.

It’s tough to keep your energy up when you’re juggling a million balls isn’t it?

You want feel understood and supported to make good stuff happen 

You want to be a positive role model for your family, community and work

You LOVE all things personal development and wish you could find something fun & affordable

Because you REALLY want to live a life less complicated

If ‘The opposite of play is not work, it’s depression’…

Stuart Brown (The National Institute of Play)

Then why the heck are we not playing more?!

Being playful DOES NOT mean shirking our responsbilities, in fact enables us to fulfil them more effectively.

Play improves our mood and helps connect us to other people AND the world around us.

We are naturally flexible, adaptable and creative when we are playful.

We are present and in the moment while we play.

We are in flow and are energised while we play.


I’m Colette Reilly, your life coach, personal development geek and host at Project: Play, the affordable personal development club for playful people who want to learn lots, do lots AND have fun.

I’ve been helping people get back on track in their lives and work for around 15 years now and there’s one thing I know for sure….

WHAT you do doesn’t matter as much as HOW you do it.

Could being more playful be the key you’ve been looking for?

I get it though, you’ve been adulting so long the idea of being playful may be stretching your comfort zone a tad.

But never fear, this isn’t about running in the park like Phoebe from Friends (tell me you remember that scene!) or putting on your good mammy/auntie/dad pants and playing the Wii or Playstation with your kids.

You need to discover how YOU play and what lights YOU up.

Do that and things will start flowing…..THEN it’s time for action!

There are 3 key reasons why so many of us don’t make the changes we know we want and need to:

    ONE: We feel overwhelmed by the sheer idea of ALL the things that NEED to be done to get that result so                we don’t know which actions to choose when they all seem like a priority so it’s easier to just not do anything

 TWO: We don’t have the right support of people who have our back and GET what we’re trying to achieve.           The people we love often get uncomfortable when they see us changes and it’s tough to keep your motivation high when you’re alone

THREE: We are so focused on what we DON’T want, we’re not sure what we actually DO want…never mind how to make that happen!

And of course there are a WHOLE lot more reasons….

From fear of success, yup that’s soooo much more common that we give credit for….getting the result you want WILL impact on other aspects of your life and, well ‘I’m not sure I’m ready for that yet’!

To fear of failure….it’s a lot less painful to not even try, right?

So this developing yourself and making changes in your life malarkey begins to feel a WHOLE lot like HARD work.

‘I’ll just leave it thanks’

…..and so nothing changes.

And you keep feeling fed up & frustrated.

And that niggle doesn’t go away that you could be experiencing a whole lot more.

Bad joke alert:

How do you eat an elephant?

One bite at a time.

Making changes in our lives is so much easier when we break the BIG changes we want into smaller pieces & then have fun as we make good sh*t happen

 And THAT is what Project: PLAY is all about.

tons of resources for only £12 per month!

Here’s what’s included in your membership:

The Happy Humans Formula:

A foundational course that teaches you the principles of living a happy and fulfilling life and work.

Your Life Audit Playbook: a core resource that will help you see what’s working and what’s not in your life and work.  This is crucial to identifying a mini project to play with each month to help make the biggest difference to you.

Mini Missions: These are activities released monthly to play with yourself or with your friends and family that have the added benefit of being learning something juicy about yourself or the world around you AND having some fun

Community Calls: 

Access to a mentor AND a community of people who are just like you is so important to get and stay on track.  There is a group call every month where you can connect to collect, a variety of guests and of course other Project Players!


Community Forum: 

A private forum to connect with others and discuss your progress, ask for support and celebrate successes.  Peruse at your leisure or sign up for posts to be delivered straight to your inbox.

The Playground:

A smorgasbord of resources to feast yourself on.  Think meditations, recordings of Game of Life calls, expert interviews, short courses and more…

ALL of this for just £12 per month!


Sound good?

Your membership will automatically be taken every month until such times as you cancel your subscription with Paypal.