The Game of Life

What if it were possible to …

Play BIG

Be a loving partner, parent and friend

AND live a fulfilling life?

it’s time to take your cape off

You don’t have to choose between what’s best for EITHER you OR the people you love.

I know it can feel like you’re wading through treacle as life keeps getting on top of you.

And it scares you that you’re not being the positive role model you REALLY want to be. 

You’ve felt the niggle…what if YOU are actually part of the problem?!!

You have a sneaky sense you’ve got a whole lot more to give and you’d LOVE to play BIGGER but something is holding you back….if you only knew what it was you could do something about it…

You want to break free, feel fulfilled AND have fun

You long to to step out from the shadows and experience the full technicolour glory of life on YOUR terms.

I know you’re a kind and giving person, yet this has been a double edged sword for you, as you’ve held onto that pesky belief that living this fulfilling life on your own terms is a selfish thing.  It may sound lovely but is it the best thing for the people around you?  You can’t have it all ways. Someone has to lose out and you’d rather take it for the team. 

But here’s the thing: THAT IS SIMPLY NOT TRUE

YOU shining IS the very best gift you could give to anyone!!

You’re far more important than you realise.

The people you love are watching and learning from you so how you treat yourself is how they will come to treat themselves.

Are you ok with the example you’re setting?

Perhaps you’re in a job you like but don’t love and you feel stuck.

Do you feel as if your generous terms and conditions are taunting you making you feel as though you’re betraying yourself choosing a good salary, pension, holidays or flexi time over that gorgeous whisper of freedom, fulfilment and fun?

Or maybe you’ve got your own business and you’ve reached a plateau.  

You set up in biz to experience the freedom, fulfilment and fun that once teased you before you took the leap to live your life YOUR way.

Yet, it’s not turned out that way and once again you’ve found yourself weighed down playing by other people’s rules and expectations.

Or you may well have taken a break to have kids and now you feel a bit lost and like you’ve sacrificed your family’s wellbeing for yours…and THAT is making you feel icky inside.

What if life didn’t have to be so serious?

The opposite of play isn’t work…it’s depression and dissatisfaction.

And NO ONE wants that!

This is a WIN: WIN

Creating BIG shifts in your life doesn’t have to be hard work and it doesn’t have to be scary.

Playing BIG and having fun isn’t just a silly dream either…something only for kids and not the grown ups living in the ‘real’ world.

YOU learning how to up YOUR game will not only feel amazing for you but you’ll finally be leading by example.

which is where
The Game of Life
comes in.

The Game of Life is an action packed program aimed to challenge your thinking and support you as you create a brand new rule book to live your optimum life, one that you lead with love and have oodles of fun while you’re living it.



play overwhelm away

The Game of Life helps you overcome overwhelm by helping you reverse engineer the life and work you REALLY want and supports you create small and tangible projects that feel good and get you taking action.

These monthly Project Plays will get you back on track and regularly celebrating your progress.

re-discover you

The Game of Life is also jam packed with resources that will help you discover and shine up your invincibility factor.

This is personal development sprinkled with a healthy dose of rocket fuel.

You’ll also have access to bi weekly group calls for added support, and to get answers to any questions you may have.

we’ve got your back

Raising your game is ALL about your energy and the weekly group calls are the perfect opportunity to connect with other group members and stay (or get back) in the zone

There WILL be times when you lose your mojo or things go a bit wrong, and that’s ok because you’ve got me (Colette) AND a group of people who have got your back and are rooting for you.

This isn’t a program for people who want to gloat about their successes and hide their failures. This is for people who are serious about shaking things up and owning their shizzle…because THAT is where the gold lies

progress & Prizes

Us grown ups could learn a thing or three from the little people in the world. I mean, we give up soooo easily don’t we?!

Yet do you ever see a baby give up trying to walk?

Of course not! They fall over again and again and they KEEP at it until, one day, it all comes together. 

Their success doesn’t lie in the size of each step, nor in the amount of times they fall over or pick themselves up…rather, it’s the fact that they stay in the game.

So you’ll get lots of cheerleading to encourage you when things are going well and a whole lotta love and lifting of spirits when things aren’t going your way….yet. 

Part of my dastardly plan to get and keep you on track is the Leaderboard of Love where you are awarded points based on your effort, honesty, contribution and success. This is to encourage you to check in and celebrate those teeny tiny wins as well as those big ones.

And because we all LOVE getting someting in the post that isn’t a bill I’ll be posting you some gifts of encouragement too.

So if you want some well done surprises sprinkled through your letter box AND oodles of support to make this your best year yet then all you need to do is:

A: JOIN The Game of Life

B: PLAY the Game of Life

You’ve got to be in it to win it!!


I wonder, When will be a good time to get back on track and thriving?

The Game of Life is for you if…

You’re fed up feeling fed up and want help to rediscover your mojo AND keep it this time!

You’re curious about life, have an open mind and an thirst for how we and the world around us works (The Game of Life is sprinkled with psychology, sociology, neuroscience and quantum mechanics, all made easy to understand AND use in your personal and professional life) 

You’re determined to stop living a life of ‘shoulds’ and get back on track creating AND living the life you REALLY want.

You want to lead your life with love and BE the change you want to see

You want the support of a highly experienced coach is invested in your success and walks her talk every day. Everything taught on this program has been personally experienced by me (Colette again) AND many of my clients so I KNOW it works!

The Game of Life isn’t for you if…

You’re a stick in the mud, a negative Nelly and would rather invest in a ‘serious’ program devoid of laughs.

You’re fine settling for a hum drum life and never questioning the rules you live by…even when they don’t make sense and make you kinda miserable. 

You know it all already and aren’t willing to listen to new perspectives or do any work.

Are You Ready to Play?

The Game of Life helps you look at the world with fresh eyes and REALLY appreciate yourself and the opportunities open to you.  You’ll learn lots, have fun AND make a whole lot of progress as you re write your rule book and get back on track playing a game YOU want to play. 

The Game fo Life is a year long program because I know how important ongoing support is as you create and play your personal game.  Over the course of the year you’ll have the opportunity to  explore every aspect of your life and work from how you show up as a partner, friend, parent or colleague to the rules you’ve been creating  your career around.

To keep you focused, engaged and having fun the Game of Life also includes inbuilt sprints of action that may unleash your competitive beast and earn you points that win prizes!


To stay in your own lane and really reclaim and start consciously creating your life, YOUR way requires genuine self awareness and appreciation of your strengths AND weaknesses.

In this module you’ll learn about emotional intelligence and strengths and have access to 2 AMAZING profiling tools to lay strong foundations for the rest of this program.

You’ll have the opportunity to discover which Talent Dynamics profile you are most like and the pros and cons this brings.  This will help you learn how you can create more flow (and as such ease) in your life and work as well as an insight into the players you may want to team up with (Module Five)

Did you know a high and balanced emotional intelligence is a key marker of success?  And the great thing is, it’s easy to develop…when you know what to work on. Which is why you’ll also have the opportunity to discover your current emotional intelligence through the EQi 2.0 report.  After our 1:1 debrief you’ll have clear actions to help you get better results in your life and work with far greater ease.


This module helps you get clear on how you’ve been experiencing your life up until now; the stories you’ve been telling yourself and the rules you’ve been living by.

You’ll also be introduced to the playing field, which you may or may not be familiar with yet.  This is simply an introduction to the maps we use to communicate with ourselves and the world around us.

By the end of this module you’ll have a sense of what’s been working for you and what you’d like to change so you can start playing your own game, YOUR way.


In this module you’ll be getting clear on what makes you tick; what’s important to you, what does play mean to you, what are the non negotiables?

You’ll be reflecting on your Life Audit and clarifying the experiences you’d like to create in the different aspects of your life.



This is a juicy one! In this module you’ll be getting curious about how the rules you’ve been living by serve you and the people around you.  You’ll be delving into what it really means to lead with love and figuring out the rules and boundaries YOU want to live by.


This is another opportunity to further reflect on the relationships you’ve highlighted within your Life Audit and choose which ones you want to nurture and which ones you’d like to unhook from or remove from your new life experience.

Your growing appreciation of where our experience comes from makes this module a lot simpler than it may sound reading it…but that’s one of the mnay reasons you’re joining us, because you want to live a life a lot less complicated!


What the obstacles and challenges that just KEEP showing up like a bad smell?

This module will help you resolve and learn from them so you can let them go….or decide to keep them because they help you play your best game.

It’s your life and your choice!


I LOVE LOVE LOVE levelling up!!

You’ve been playing your game and making good things happen and now it may feel like you’re hitting a brick wall. You may feel more confused than ever and EVERYTHING feels like it’s going to the dogs.

Never fear, this is part and parcel of levelling up.  

In this module you’ll learn more about what uplevelling is, how you know you’re there and what to do about it so you don’t freak out (like I did at first!)


By this stage you’ll have learned a lot, but there is NO point in learning and nor living and leveraging what you now know so this is tangible get out there and start playing your game time. With support.

In the module we’ll cover the 5 Principles of Success and how you can measure your results (hint, when you’ve measured and you’ve not got the result you want, you’ve simply measured too soon so get back in the game, tweak and keep playing!)

Still unsure?

Do you need more info or to connect with me to get a feel for how it all works? No question is too small so if you’re thinking it, just ask. We can jump on a call or have a chat through email or messenger.

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