Thank you for your interest in joining The Imaginarium!  This is a group coaching program and does not include 1:1 support outwith the group.

By joining The Imaginarium you are agreeing to the following terms and conditions:


You have paid a one off payment of £297 that gives you lifetime access to the services within the program.

– Group coaching and support calls.

– Community platform

Lifetime Membership

Lifetime membership means that you have access to the program and all the resources for as long as the program runs. If the program does end you’ll be given the opportunity to download all the resources.


The owner has copyright of the things they share in the group. This means if they choose to share their ideas and experiences outside of The Imaginarium they have the right to do so. No one else has.  Sharing confidential information (aka information that isn’t yours) risks being stripped of your AMAZING status of an Imagineer and your access to the membership.


Be sensible. The resources in The Imaginarium have been created for you and we want you to use them personally and privately however membership of The Imaginarium does not grant you licence to use these resources for commercial gain.

Storage of your information

Part of your Imaginarium membership will involve the receipt of emails to keep you updated and involved in your membership.  You may also receive some gifts in the post as way of a thank you for your membership and celebration of your progress.  Hence the request for your address.  This information is stored on Active Campaign, an email and customer management system. You can choose to remove your data from the system which you can do at any point by request.

Be the change you want to see 

The Imaginarium is a safe space to learn, grow, share ideas and experiment.

There is zero tolerance for hate speech and intolerance of our diversity in The Imaginarium.  We reserve the right to cancel the membership of any user found to be disrespecting other members, without refund.  


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