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I’m REALLY sorry to be the one breaking this to you…but you can’t run through walls.



Even though it IS theoretically possible…



Because everything IS energy and everything IS vibrating so nothing is truly solid.






That doesn’t mean that the wall in front of you is run through able.



And the lack of it being run through able isn’t evidence of the fact that it’s not actually made of vibrating particles with a shed ton of space between them.



Much like it doesn’t mean that if you think about a thing and it doesn’t ‘manifest’ immediately… it’s evidence that manifesting/law of attraction/conscious creation isn’t real.



It’s just misunderstood.



Imagine you’re baking a cake….it takes time for us to blend together the ingredients and then the oven to activate it all and rise it up into a tasty fluffy thing.



If you use plain flour rather than self raising or take it out of the oven half way it’s going to be a floppy mess, right?



It takes time to bake something delicious.



Did you know that the environment you bake in impacts what you need for the same result?



So if you’re at a high altitude you might need to add more flour to your recipe or cook it for longer.



Yet most of us follow someone else’s recipe and then beat ourselves up because it’s just not working.



Which means it’s either a shit recipe or we are shit.



We rarely question anything else.



And this is EXACTLY why its sooo important to get honest with who you are AND where you’re at.



Because you’re living in a human body that can’t run through walls…you hold beliefs that no longer support you and weigh you down…AND ones that lift you up.



You’ve got responsibilities…people to love who have got different needs and some energise you and others don’t.



We’re ALL coming from different places.



AND we’re all so much more to than this too.



Sure we want the same thing in essence…to be happy…



And the form that happiness takes looks different to each and every one of us.



So, it’s time to get curious and embrace radical acceptance



Who are you? Where are you at?



Warts n all…letting go of resistance and accepting what is right right now is your key to the kingdom…



You might not be able to run through walls but you ARE a wizard….and your magic is only powerful where you are right now. Not tomorrow or yesterday or half an hour ago.



Lean into the circumstances you’re in….
Lean into who you really are and all that baggage you’ll let go of when and if you’re ready and want to.



And tap into the essence of what you want and how it makes you feel.



Life might not be easy but it IS simple 🌟



Clip to The Men Who Stare at Goats (I’m not just havering about running through walls 😂)