Calling all on a mission changemakers who are feeling frustrated and overhelmed.

Are you ready to live a life less complicated?

and unleash your brilliance with radical happiness?

 Let me guess…

You’ve got a lot going on and the last thing you need is another course and thing to beat yourself up about not completing.

You have a gazillion ideas of things you could do & of all the things that need to change in your own life and in the world around you.

You’ve likely to have been dipping your toe in the water for a while and have amassed a library of half started courses, books and journals spotted with your plans. You LOVE all things personal & professional development…and you’re also becoming aware that you’re putting off getting out there and DOING your do.

Something’s brewing.  And it’s not just (another) cup of tea!

Change is afoot. 

You’re fed up of this rollercoaster ride.

I get it, EVERY time you feel things coming together, SOMETHING comes along and sucks your attention away with yet another ’emergency’.

Maybe it’s your kid… your partner (or ex!)… an elderly parent… a friend… your boss… heck, maybe it’s even your dog… whoever (or whatever) it is, it distracts you from your game changing plans

And Pif Paf Poof…as if by magic, your battery is drained and yet ANOTHER day disappears…alongside with your mojo.

Who are you again?  What was it I was doing?

Holy Guacamole I feel you!!

Are you ready for something different? 

You KNOW there’s a better way. A simpler way.

 Imagine…being part of a community of people who all have each others backs and who don’t think you’re mad for wanting something different from the status quo?

Imagine…having an experienced coach who’s zone of genuis is helping people make amazing shifts in their life, career & business in YOUR pocket ready to ask whatever you need?

Imagine…being supported as you explore and choose which of your many ‘bat shit crazy ideas’ you want to put into action?

AND be supported to join the dots, shine up your idea and leapfrog over obstacles like it was 1995* (*insert date where insane flexibility and no sense of fear were your normal…and girlfriend if you have ALWAYS been a scaredy cat who ran into the horse at gym because it was TERRIFYING then get ready for your new normal!)

Imagine a place where you could do deep work, FINALLY ditch the doubt AND have a bit of a giggle?

And then Imagine if this was a lifetime membership so you can press pause when you need to and can create at your own pace?

*it’s time to hear drum rolls in your head*


The playground where changemakers unleash their brilliance

The playground where changemakers unleash their brilliance

Tell me more…

what’s inside this magnificent Imaginarium you speak of?

I am FULLY committed to you getting your shizzle together and creating a legacy that warms your cockles, helping you join dots, shine up your ideas and see the positive ripple effect of your actions.

I want you to look back in your rocking chair thinking holy smokes world, what a ride…I did ALL that.

AND creating a community of Imagineers who are shaking things up and have each others back. 

Becoming an Imagineer means being part of a new and growing community of people who support people.

People who are brave enough to step up and get curious how they can be the change they want to see.

Here ‘s what’s going to help you unleash your brilliance AND help you birth your dreams.

The Throne of Possibility

AKA a monthly mastermind where we’ll explore a topic and you  can ask any questions and receive laser coaching with me, and be supported by the wisdom of the group afterwards as well. 

Many heads are better than one! 

Calls are recorded and added to the Library so you can listen again anytime.

Map out your month  

You want more time, space and energy.

You want to get out of overwhelm. You want to actually complete and see traction in some of the things you’re working on or ideas in your head.

The old adage is annoyingly true…prepare to plan or plan to fall down a rabbit hole full of ALL the things that take your focus and keep you going round in circles. 

I resisted planning for a looong time but that’s because I didn’t understand how to or that there are different ways of doing it that suit different people. Let the frame take the strain and find the way that feels great for YOU to plan..and be reminded to do it YOUR way.

Take control! Focus. Plan. Anticipate obstacles…and channel 1995 again so you leapfrog over them.

The library 

This is where the recordings and resources are stored to access easily.

 I get it, you’re busy and sometimes the only time you get to work on your own stuff is in the bath, doing the ironing, cooking or out for a walk. 

The library is not a place to visit to ‘catch up’ but instead a space to peruse and access would be useful to you when you need and want it.

The Playground 

A growing community of super cool changemakers on Facebook to ask questions when they pop into your head and I’ll give you a personal answer, signposting you to resources that will help when needed. 

Connect with fellow changemakers, celebrate, and support each other (with permission).

We all need a critical friend and in The Imaginarium we’ve all got each others backs believing in and rooting for you


What other peeps are saying

Colette would be THE best investment you could make in yourself, your time and your business. Hands down. She has supported me to navigate the most difficult 6 months professionally and personally, has wisdom and insight to the point I call her my personal Yoda.  She knows her stuff inside and out and it’s not just about business, it’s about YOU and what you need to be the best you.

Tracy Gilmour

I’ve got Colette in my head now! Which is a good thing. I love that she blends law of attactraction and spiritual stuff with science and strategy. I knew I wanted to change some things, my job, my relationship, my life and I didn’t know where to start. 

Clare Jackson

Colette makes everything seem so clear & always knows how to direct you straight into your own power so you feel you are really discovering & achieving things for yourself. It has made me stronger & taught me how to enjoy life so much more. As a bonus it has also helped me professionally too, encouraging me to be work life happy. Our thought provoking calls are filled with honesty, encouragement, great support & endless laughter. 

Leanne Abrizikh

This is not a course. Repeat. This is not a course.

 becoming an imagineer is committing to a DEVASTATINGLY COOL WAY OF life where the ONly limitation you have is your imagination & determination*.

*and the only thing you really need to be determined about is embracing the 3 principles of radical happiness…because when you do that, the rest takes care of itself. Life might not be easy but it IS simple.


The Imaginarium is PERFECT for you if…

  • Your mojo has left the building a few times and you’d like to find it.


  • You want to do, be and see something different.  
  • You are BURSTING with ideas and sometimes it feels overwhelming.  
  • You’re over being told how you ‘should’ do things…you want help to trust yourself yourself, create your own solutions and birth your own (frankly genuis) ideas.
  • You like a giggle with a slice of cheese on the side
  • You’re open minded and willing to be challenged so you stretch, grow and unleash the brilliance that IS inside you
  • You’re willing to ask for help and USE the smorgasbord of resources at your finger tips
  • You are brilliant (or at least are open to the possibility that you may have some brilliance to unleash!)
  • You want the support of a coach and mentor together with the community, without the hefty price tag  

 The Imaginarium is NOT for you…


  • If you already love every aspect of your life and the world as it is and don’t have big dreams and ideas of creating personal, local or global change 
  • If love, laughter and changing the world makes you eye roll and want to vomit a little in your mouth.
  • If you are a currently living as an energy vampire disguised as Debbie Downer who enjoys nothing more than dining out with Peter Problem. The Imaginarium is a playful solution focused space that does sincere work in a not so serious way.
  • If you prefer competition over collaboration.  This is a group to empower gorgeous givers so not the space if you want to trample on heads on the way to the ‘winning’ line.
  • If you don’t want the support of a group, just reach out to explore working with me 1:1 

You’re already an original, a trailblazer and changemaker and want something better for yourself and the people around you….so becoming one of the founding Imagineers feels fitting, right?


Lifetime means you pay once and you’ve got full access to all the resources for as long as the program lasts.  The live calls will be at least 2 years and the resources are yours forver.  I know that you’re still on the rollercoaster and that can take a good while to step off of so with The Imaginarium you don’t have to worry about paying monthly memberships you’re not getting value from then cancelling and beating yourself up for cancelling.  We get that this is a long haul journey so wev’ve set it upto support that.

What time are the calls?

Currently we have the Eat the Chocolate Frog sessions at 10am every Monday morning (UK time)

The other calls are on Wednesdays at 5pm UK time.

If you can’t make it, you can submit a question and when we have loads of people we’ll run sessions at different times.

I actually hate facebook but REALLY want to join!

Still join!!! The resources are on Teachable and that’s where you can access to links to the calls.  There’s forms where you can submit questions so there’s no issue with missing out!

What are your dastardly plans for us colette?

I have many *rubs hands with glee* and they ALL revolve around you realising how fecking brilliant you are and sharing your gifts with the world.

I’m a cheeseball Mama Bear at heart…you’re gonna feel the love and make some crazy ass good shit happen.  While I cry in a corner feeling proud.

Hello…it’s me, Colette Reilly!!

What do you get when you cross a life & leadership coach, careers adviser, radical happiness advocate and a mammy who thinks she’s funny?


I know I know, I’m sorry….but I thought it best if I’m up front. I tell bad jokes and then giggle at myself.

We’re all a little weird, right?

On that note, do you know that the word weird originally meant ‘having the power to control destiny’?

So I WANT you to be weird too!!


I’ve been supporting people change careers, start businesses and break cycles of unhelpful beliefs to unleash their brilliance for over 20 years now so you’re in safe hands.