Are you clear about what you want to experience in your life and work?

That’s all a vision is, simply a focused intention of what we want…and it makes life soooo much simpler!

When we we know what we want and what’s important to us, we can use that as our guiding light.

Have a decision to make?

All you now need to do is check in with whether it is in line with your values and whether it support you to create the experiences you want. It’s never the ‘things’ in life that we REALLY want but what they get for us. Of course ‘things’ are nice….that job you want, the house or car but when push comes to shove things outside of you have limited influence on how you FEEL.

And when we let ourselves be guided by our feelings, it’s a win:win. We enjoy the journey AND when we’re enjoying ourselves we have so much more access to the amazing bank of resources within us which means we get better results.

So, my invitation to you is…if you’ve not already, spend some time getting clear on what your vision is for your life and work.

What is REALLY important to you?

What are the tangible things that you want?

What will they get for you?

How do you want to feel?

It’s time well spent! xx