Sometimes bad things happen and when you’re in the midst of it life can feel a bit overwhelming.

The issue isn’t so much finding the meaning in why that bad thing happened as sometimes there is no reason to be found. And as meaning making machines we can search and search and tie ourselves in knots trying make sense of chaos when there is none to be found. Things happen.

Rather, the issue is when and how to acknowledge that whatever has happened HAS happened, to accept it as part of your life’s rich tapestry and keep moving on.

Acceptance doesn’t mean denying your feelings, they WILL still bubble up sometimes and catch you off guard. You WILL have amazing moments and you WILL have ones when it feels like the light of life has been turned off. It’s knowing that that is natural and ok.
Acceptance doesn’t mean forgetting either, it’s more a state of noticing, of mindful observation of the various aspects to the story of your life so far.
What happens to us doesn’t have to define us.
You might not have had a choice about some of the elements that are in your tapestry but you DO have a choice as to how you weave it together.

Huge love xx